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Stove glass is sturdier than standard soda lime glass

Posted May 10, 2014 by tomjones
It is not right to compare ordinary glass with stove glass because the constituencies of both these glasses are different.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 10, 2014 -- It is not right to compare ordinary glass with stove glass because the constituencies of both these glasses are different. Ordinary glass, also known as heat glass, is specially manufactured wherever protection from fire is required. So, when you see those glass panels in schools, offices, airports and other public places know that these panels are not made from standard glass but specially manufactured glass. And one of the important uses of this type of glass is in stoves.

The temperature inside a stove glass is very high. By generating heat at very high temperature and dissipating it outside a stove is able to keep a room adequately warm. Thanks to the heat generated by your stove you stay nice and warm inside your home even when the outside temperature is sub-zero. And you only get a fraction of the heat that is produced by the stove. So you can imagine how hot it is inside the combustion chamber of the stove. Ordinary glass simply cannot withstand such high temperature. It will break into shards in no time. This is why specially made glasses for stoves are required.

So how is stove glass manufactured? There could be different ways heat glass is manufactured. Standard borosilicate glass is made by mixing boron with soda lime glass. Zinc is also used with soda lime glass to make this kind of special glass. Glass ceramic, a special heating process, is also used to create glass with different levels of thermal expansion coefficients. Without these special glasses it is not possible to operate a stove.

Stove glass is required to seal the combustion chamber of a stove. It is common knowledge that a sealed combustion chamber produces 80% more heat than an open combustion chamber. The heat produced within a sealed combustion chamber can go up to 600°C and without special heat glass it is not possible to maintain the close atmosphere of the chamber. Ordinary glass will simply shatter in such high temperature.

Those that care for their stoves ensure that they keep the glass clean. If not anything else a clean heat glass surface is good from the aesthetic point of view. Would you like to invite a guest into a room where the glass on the stove is all blackened and sooty? I wouldn’t.

The other reason for keeping the glass surface clean is to be able to get a good view of the surface. With time minute cracks can appear on the glass surface. These cracks gradually expand with heat and before anything serious happens you can change the glass. This is required from the safety perspective. And in any case when the glass is cracked the combustion chamber is not properly sealed. This would mean more spending on fuel, something that is not at all required during the present times.

With properly maintained stove glass you can keep the stove running optimally. Specially designed heat glass for your stove can be bought online. Hence, there is no reason why you should delay the replacement.

Standard soda lime glass is specially treated to create heat glass . This glass is then used as stove glass .
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Last Updated : May 10, 2014

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