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Standard Water Coolers How They Work

Posted Nov 6, 2014 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 6, 2014 -- Standard Water Coolers How They Work
The freshness and the coolness of the water which flows into a bottle at the touch of a button is something everyone loves. But, how it comes out still remains a mystery to a majority of people. The process is truly simple; just place an inverted water bottle into the unit. Within a few minutes, you get cool water.
How standard water coolers work
Bottle fed water cooler is the most popular in the offices and homes of today. Getting a cool, fresh glass of water, as mentioned above just requires you to place an inverted bottle into the opening. The “spike” punctures the seal and the water flows into the valve. It is designed in such a way as to prevent flooding. The water flows from the valve into the reservoir. The reservoir is equipped with pipes through which refrigerants flow as a liquid. The unit is equipped with a compressor which transforms the refrigerant from liquid into gas using pressure. This happens when it moves through the pipe into the reservoir.
Types of water coolers
There are generally two types of water coolers .
• The units using refrigerants: Refrigerant is a type of gas capable of absorbing the heat in a material. In the types of coolers where a refrigerant is used, the gas cools off the water inside the reservoir.
• Coolers using thermoelectric power: Here, water inside the reservoir gets cooled with the help of the “Peltier effect.” When electricity passes from one material to another, the heat gets absorbed by the conductor and both the things become cool. The same thing happens in a water cooler.

You can also go for the bottled or bottleless coolers. While the bottled units are portable, cooling the water whenever you feel the need may appear to be a time-consuming job. You have to give it a bottle to cool. A bottleless unit may require constant supply of water. But, taking water from here needs just a container. You should also understand that if kept away from the power supply for a long time, it may take some time for the water to cool. The same applies to the reservoir being completely empty when you take water.

Temperature of the drinking water

There is no standard temperature for cooling of water in the water coolers. This is a variable factor and differs from one model to another. Additionally, many different brands have different cooling temperatures. This depends on the type of compressor in the system. It has been seen that water coolers that have the water storage below the dispensing portion, have lower cooling that the counter top dispensers.

Type of water container – Prefer stainless steel reservoirs
Ideally, you will be offered two kinds of water reservoir options in your prospective water cooler. One would be a plastic type, and the other would be a stainless steel reservoir. If you want to eliminate the plastic taste in the water, then choose a stainless steel container.

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