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Stair Lifts for Handicapped Persons: An overview

Posted Mar 4, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 4, 2015 -- A Stair lift is nothing, but a chair travelling up and down the stairs carrying a mobility-impaired person. It can be either battery-operated or electric. It moves on a track installed on the stairs; generally of aluminum. To get free in home evaluation visit Better Life Mobility Center
How stair lifts for handicapped persons work
Stair lifts feature a motor located at the base. They can be powered either by the AC current or the battery. When you switch on the lift, the motor turns the gear. The gear is attached to a string meshed into the track. When it turns, the lift gets moving. You can also change its direction using the motor. It also features a call/send switch. This allows you to call the lift with no passenger inside. The facility comes handy if there are two persons using it.
The design of a stair lift may vary based on the model you choose. But, it will have the following components.
• The carriage: The seat, also known as the carriage is a chair for you to sit on. It may swivel at the top or bottom of the track; this too depends on your choice model. It simply folds away when not in use.
• Seat belt: As the name suggests, this secures the user onto the lift.
• Power supply: This charges the lift when required.
• Rail: This is the track which supports the lift. It gets meshed up with the gear which is attached to the motor. The appliance turns into action when you turn on the motor.
Here are some additional observations which may be of help to you.
Buying a lift
After confirming the purchase, you may have to wait for up to 14 days for a straight lift. It expands to six weeks when it comes to the curved variant.
The time it takes to install a stair lift differs based on the type of stair in your home. Generally, your company may need two hours for straight one and three hours for a curved one. When buying one, take care to ensure that you get at least one year warranty for the same. You may request for a faster response if the requirement is urgent. Be prepared to spend a few extra dollars for the purpose.
Safety features
When shopping for a stair lift, look for the following features.
• Safety sensors: These are generally built into the lift. They let the machine know when it is time to stop and wait for another command to proceed.
• A lock: This prevents children from activating the appliance at an impulse.
• Smooth start and stop: The feature eliminates jerking motion. This is designed for those suffering from back pain.
• Limit sensors: These are installed at the top and bottom of the stair. They make sure that the lift stops in the right position.
Given above is a small draft. Search online with the keyword “stair lift for handicapped persons.” Read as much as possible before making a purchase. One of the reputable dealer is at Visit them in person in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Riverside or shop mobility products like stair lifts online at this link

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