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Spoof call versus prank call

Posted Sep 11, 2014 by benanderson
In general, a spoof call has the same purpose as a prank call, which is to trick someone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 11, 2014 -- Over the years, people have started to use the technology in various ways, including to generate humor. A good example in this regard is represented by phone calls that are made with the purpose of playing a joke on someone, making them laugh.

This is how the term spoof call and prank call have been invented. While the purpose of these calls is mainly the same, to trick people, in the first case, the person that uses this way to play a joke on someone has to think of the joke himself, and in the second case, he only orders a certain prank to be played on his recipient’s phone.

People can use a spoof call or a prank call to play jokes on people they know, like their friends, work colleagues or family. Making such calls with other intentions and calling people that you do not know can get you into serious trouble, so stick to playing jokes when making a call like this and call only people that you know and who, in their turn, know you, as well.

Speaking of jokes, make sure to play the jokes on people that are open to this kind of humor, because some could get really upset, even if they may be your friends, work colleagues or family. If you call your girlfriend to say that you cannot make it to your date and you are already at her door, it should be okay, but if you call someone with the clear intention of hurting their feelings or worse, it is not okay at all.

To make a call like this, users need to enter a dedicated website, create a profile and then provide the number that will be called through that website. Users who want to play a joke on someone can choose between spoof calls where they have to come up with the idea of a certain joke, and prank or crank calls where the idea is already developed by the website.

Another difference that is between a type of call and the other one is that in the case of spoof calls, users have to provide the phone number that will be displayed on their recipient’s screen. Obviously, this is not their actual number, because the joke would not function otherwise. In the case of prank calls, there is no need for such a number.

Users who have only one phone number and who cannot use that number because their recipient would know who the person calling them is can always purchase a new phone number. This purchase can be done on the same website that allows users to make spoof or prank calls.

Resource box: Do you want to learn more about spoof and prank calls and maybe even make a spoof call or prank call? We invite you to visit our website and discover this new way of playing jokes on your friends, work colleagues or family. We even give you the possibility of changing your voice and of recording the calls you make, as long as you comply with your local and national laws and regulations and also of your recipient.
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Last Updated : Sep 11, 2014

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