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Some advantages to use Ultraviolet Transilluminator in Biological analytical clinic

Posted Jan 12, 2015 by elinaalbert
We provide in-depth knowledge to Western Blotting Procedure, Western Blot Imaging and high quality safety services of UV Trans Illuminator.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 12, 2015 -- Transillumination is a technique based on the placement of light, which allows observing an organ or body area. This process is done, first, decreasing the intensity of the lights in the room, and then a bright light that points to a certain area of the body is placed. Also, this technique is also used for locating blood vessels. For newborns, a halogen light is used to illuminate the thoracic cavity, thus air can be detected heart or lung collapse. BioOlympics Ltd. joins the micro electromechanical arrangements and molecular analysis to present the shortest testing time, maximum sensitivity and precision for the on-site image. With our system, you can discover diseases and construct discoveries at anytime and anyplace. You can buy online high quality Ultraviolet Transilluminator from The improvement of the Biochip and micro Technologies is changes the diagnostic industry. It enables us to generate the next age group machines that are moveable, well-organized as well as powerful.

Transillumination is important because it fails to detect and recognize diseases of different medical specialties. In phlebology, is used for localization and detection of varices; for this study and apparatus with a fiber optic ring, which produces light at an angle and focuses penetrating below the skin, is used. These high performance UV transilluminators, four tubes 25 W, 100 W provide uniform UV light and high intensity, to enhance fluorescence and sensitivity when viewing stained gels. Adjusting high or medium or low intensity (on selected models) is used for visualization and photography fluorescence imaging with UV light. The setting of "low" intensity reduces nicking and photo bleaching of gel samples during the preparatory work, allowing long preparation times. The settings of "medium" and "high" intensity are used for analytical documentation work.

Dual UV models are the same size and design as other High Performance models, but has a unique intensity and are equipped with half-wave UV (302 nm) and long wave (365 nm) into a single unit. The stainless steel frame facilitates cleaning and reduces sample contamination. The bright fluorescent backlight is enhanced with a background uniformity screen. Adjusting high or medium or low intensity (on selected models) lets you change the setting, depending on the application requirements. A powerful cooling fan keeps the filter surface at minimum temperature to avoid damage to the sample, and the constant UV intensity. UV protection cover hinged removable and adjustable height to provide a suitable viewing angle or to access the filter surface. Ultraviolet Transilluminator series desktop provides the researcher sources of ultraviolet (radiation) and intense uniform, and is compact in size. Its special design emits UV wavelengths intensity for single or double excitation fluorescent backlighting of transparent materials.

There are two options dimensional display filter sizes according to different user needs. 365nm mode is provided for easy visualization under long wave gels for long periods of time, avoiding tearing or damaging the photo. 254nnm mode is used to irradiate the samples. The mode 312nm (302nm) is suggested for general operation gels. Modes wave length unit are equipped with a switch of high current or low intensity. Our company’s all transilluminators desktop models are compact, lightweight and economical.
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Last Updated : Jan 12, 2015

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