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Six Sigma Certification: Understanding the Salient Benefits

Posted Jun 8, 2014 by tedmark
Large corporations such as Ford have already recognized the salient benefits of six sigma training and certification. A swarm of mid and small-sized companies soon picked up the trend.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jun 8, 2014 -- Large corporations such as Ford have already recognized the salient benefits of six sigma training and certification. A swarm of mid and small-sized companies soon picked up the trend. Why and how Six Sigma certification can be beneficial for your company, and your people? The key reason why this type of training is extremely popular now among small and big companies alike is that the training programs can curtail costs by improving core processes, not to mention the efficiency of the human resources, the biggest asset of any company. There is a widespread notion that such programs are not suitable for relatively smaller companies that strive to cut corners whilst ensuring quality of products or services. To understand whether Six Sigma black belt certification is actually beneficial for your company and the people, you should analyze the usefulness of these programs by gauging the estimated benefits in terms of ROI.
Key objectives of Six Sigma
Six Sigma training and certification is meant for improving processes. The key idea is to assess the processes currently running within an organization to find out the possible flaws. Six Sigma forms the core of business strategies of many megacorps such as United States Navy, Dell, and Bank of America etc. that are already listed as Six Sigma companies. The term has its etymological roots in business terminologies pertaining to manufacturing processes. The key objectives of a training program are described here below:
• Making continuous endeavors to ensure predictable and stable outputs for each and every core processes (mainly related to manufacturing) and reducing process disparities
• Continuous measurement, analysis, controlling and improvement of core processes
• Adopting sustainable quality improvement strategies and aligning departmental and individual objectives with broad-spectrum business goals
If you train your top brass and they receive Six Sigma certification after rigorous training and follow-up, you can form a highly committed workforce at the top-management level, which is highly necessary for achieving short and long-term business objectives.
Core features of Six Sigma training
A Six Sigma program is very different from similar quality improvement programs such as Kaizen in many different respects. Features of a Six Sigma program include:
• Increased emphasis on attaining scalable results, including assured financial returns in terms of productivity and revenue generation
• Creating strong and motivated leaders from within top management executives
• Commitment to use verifiable data and standard statistical data and methods to make robust business decisions. The program eliminates assumption and speculation from business planning and strategy-making.
Is ‘Six Sigma’ suitable for your organization?
Except very small companies (companies that have below-50 employee strength), every other organization from diverse industry segments can opt for highly beneficial Six Sigma training programs. If you can afford the program for your employees, you should give Six Sigma black belt certification a serious thought. This is because the training program can streamline your process, enable to take the right decisions and bolster your employee morale as well. if you need more assistance and information Six Sigma training, you can contact the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP).

Six Sigma certification can make your porcesses faster, eliminate errors and make your workforce more efficient. To know about different certification programs including Six Sigma black belt certification , visit ISSSP website.
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Last Updated : Jun 8, 2014

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