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SEO Services to Recover from Lost Ranks

Posted Jun 11, 2014 by davidcole
There is a need for a specific set of SEO services to help restore lost ranks. Find out the services that are needed for this purpose.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jun 11, 2014 -- After months of search engine optimisation your website managed to find a place in the first page of the results list across leading search engines. One fine morning, you realise that your site is no longer mentioned in the first three pages! Do you find yourself in this predicament? Are you wondering what happened to your website? Do you want to know what caused the demotion on the SERP list? Well, the answer can be traced back to the recent spate of algorithmic changes. Before you jump guns and assume that you will have to recreate everything from scratch, wait! The silver lining is that it is possible to recover from the damage and restore the rank of the website, though it does require some amount of time and effort, not to forget money. Leading search engine optimisation providers offer SEO services that are specifically targeted towards recovery.

Onsite optimisation is critical to the recovery of the website which is the reason it forms an integral part of the recovery SEO services. The site has to be re-evaluated to check for flaws. Is the choice of keywords incorrect? Do the links have suspicious origins? Is the content flawed and worthless? These are just few of the many things that will be looked into during the process of re-optimisation of the website. The right diagnosis at this juncture is important to determine the further course of action.

Keyword research is one of the SEO services that are mandatory if the website has lost ranks due to the Hummingbird update. The focus of this update was to identify keywords and prioritise websites that has long tail specific keywords that could help narrow down the results and provide the best ones to the end users. The optimisation experts choose new keywords and see if it can be integrated in the existing content or will create new content using them.

Link building is one of the SEO services that are required if the site has lost its ranking due to poor quality links. The Penguin update brought about radical changes in the ranks of thousands of websites all over the world. Every single website that had incoming links from spam sites were demoted on the SERP list and the ones that had used the organic approach with links from a variety of domains were promoted on the list. The experts will first remove all the broken links or links from suspicious sources and restart the process of building links from scratch. Though this is a laborious task, you can be assured of the best results.

Copywriting is one of the SEO services that are needed if the website has lost its rank due to poor quality content. The Panda update from Google was as ruthless as the Penguin, though the former was implemented first. This update was introduced to cleanse the results list and ensure only the websites with meaningful and informative content were given priority. Optimisation professionals recreate content for the website using keywords that are naturally woven into the information rather than forcefully inserting them when they are not needed.

Do you want to sign up for SEO services to recover lost ranks? Please visit and sign up for one of the recovery packages.
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