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Selling effectively at country fairs

Posted Feb 28, 2015 by tedmark
Interested in participating in country fairs as vendors? It means that you are either an artisan, food manufacturer, florist or other type of artist.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 28, 2015 -- Participating in country fairs is not the only thing that matters and that can influence your sales. It is true that the focus of the fair is very important, but this is not the only thing that can make you sell effectively. If you want to be successful, you have to take into consideration some other things, as well.

Country fairs are events where vendors of all sorts display their products, hoping to sell a high number of them. This kind of fairs may include craft fairs, entertainment shows, gastronomy classes, animal shows, and many others, all to the benefit of the potential customers visiting the fair.

To sell effectively, first you need a good location where to display your products. The location is either provided by country fair organisers or selected by you, if the organisers allow their vendors to choose their own space at the country fair. In general, stalls found at the beginning of the fair are very successful.

But not even first stalls can be successful, if they do not display the merchandise in an interesting manner. Country fair visitors could overlook their products, if these are not well displayed and do not draw their attention. All sorts of tricks can be used to create a lovely visual display, such as the use of flowers or small decorations.

However, nothing can draw visitors’ attention like a sign telling them that giveaways are available at your stand. Giveaways are products that are offered for free with the purpose of raising customer awareness and increase future sales. If free gifts are not your type, you can, at least, offer flyers advertising your products.

Visitors receiving promotional materials from you may not buy from the first moment from you, but they could return to your stand after checking the products of other vendors. Investing in marketing is a wise technique that should be taken into account by any vendor, not only by those participating in craft fairs.

As a rule of thumb, it is considered that artisans who create original items sell the most effectively. In many cases, originality means to create products that make people say "Wow" and immediately want to buy them, either as a decorative object, or to actually use them in the kitchen, garden, or in the children's room.

Packaging is also very important. Not only is this a good way to promote your brand, but it also shows customers that you care about their comfort and provide your products in a lovely package. This way, they would be able to carry the item much easier or even offer it as it is, without further embellishments.

What can be more beautiful than spending a lovely day out with your family at a fair? We organise country fairs where vendors of all sorts are invited to participate, as well as people who love traditions, handmade products and good entertainment. For products that you cannot find in general stores or at supermarkets, choose our craft fairs .
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Last Updated : Feb 28, 2015

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