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Seek Help from Professional Law Clinics

Posted Apr 24, 2014 by AndrewMoore
The Law Clinic is a London-based employment law firm that provides affordable legal representation. Our welcoming Notting Hill office is your solution to cheap.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 24, 2014 -- For all those working people who believe they do not require help of a law solicitor, think once! No matter if you are an employer or an employee; there are times when no one could be more helpful than an employment law solicitor. It is important for an individual to understand the need for solicitors in business. A solicitor settles down all legal issues and makes an individual familiar with the employment laws that needs to be followed within an organisation.
When we talk in concern of an employer, it is utterly important to understand the current employment and labour laws along with the safeguarded rights and norms. Knowledge regarding these laws could be extremely helpful by avoiding legal problems that the employees could otherwise force over the company. Another important aspect is that you need to be well acquainted with the norms and laws before framing a contract for an employee or before altering the current company policies. The documents that you prepare in both cases need to be legally justified and should adhere by the employment laws.
A solicitor соuld be further useful in situations where you need to reduce the staff. There are certain unfortunate times when the company decides to arrange for redundancy in staff either due to pertaining losses or unstable economic conditions. Staff redundancy seems to be the only way to escape further losses and cut-down the basic expenditure greatly. Removing certain employees from the company саn lead to legal battles and could tarnish the company’s reputation. This is when a solicitor comes in action and safely wraps the situations. Last but not the least, it is the solicitor who guides the company by suggesting the changes that a particular law has incorporated. They help in drafting new policies and help in maintaining the legal documents from time to time.
An employer is not the only person who gets benefits from the assistance of an employment law solicitor. Employees can equally draw benefits from thеіr valuable services. This goes раrtісulаrlу when an individual faces situation like false accusation at work or unfair dismissal. Employment settlement agreement comes with certain laws and grounds based upon which suspension or dismissal from a company accounts for compensation or job guarantee.
In case of any discrimination or fraud, you may need to fill in a petition or complaint in court, which again requires a solicitor’s help. He would support you throughout the process and will help in deducing the best results. For the times when we you see yourself frustrated by unwanted bullying and discrimination, only a employment law solicitor саn help уоu in seeking justice against the liable party.
About The Company:
The Law Clinic comprises an efficient team of lawyers who together provide valuable solutions and suggestions to its clients in all legal situations. With the perfect edge and zeal towards understanding the legal implications, legal professionals here are expert in handling issues with utmost delicacy. The company strives for continuous innovation and professional grooming for better customer service.
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Issued By : 25-4-2014
Website : TheLawClinic
Phone : 02079987200
Business Address : 2nd Floor, Pritt House, 23 Pembridge Square
Country : United Kingdom
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Last Updated : Apr 24, 2014

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