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Safewow spring wow gold sale on Highmaul’s Dilemma after Blackrock Foundry Item Boost

Posted Mar 19, 2015 by fifapal
Safewow spring wow gold sale on Highmaul’s Dilemma after Blackrock Foundry Item Boost

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 19, 2015 -- Blizzard has confirmed that all Blackrock Foundry items will receive a +5 level increase this week, but not in the scheduled maintenance. As happy for the BRF item boost, some pessimistic players feel that it may be a start to ruin Highmaul.
Blackrock Foundry items increase by 5 levels

Since bosses in the Blackrock Foundry raid are harder than those of Highmaul, it should be more rewarding than Highmaul. Besides, it seems that groups coming out from Highmaul have an average item level that is shy of the loot dropped by the appropriate difficulty in Foundry. So, Blizzard decides to increase the wow item level of all raid drops from all difficulties of the Blackrock Foundry raid by 5 to fit for the difficulties.

Thus, an item level range of 650/665/680/695 for Raid Finder/Normal/Heroic/Mythic Blackrock Foundry now will be level 655/670/685/700 respectively.

It is certain that the item boost will release this week, but it is not necessarily today with the scheduled maintenance, the devs said.

Will Highmaul be ruined by the item boost?

It sounds reasonable to upgrade BRF items by +5 levels, but some believes that Highmaul will be ruined with the BRF item level increase. At first, since alts of Highmaul are always weak compared with those of Blackrock, the BRF item boost will make it worse. Besides, after the tweak for BRF item level, players with higher level would rather directly head into Blackrock, than Highmaul. What’s worse, the item level of the new highest-tier crafted items will also increased by 5, and players can jump over Highmaul through crafting items.

Personally, it is certain that it will have a great effect on Highmaul, but it will never make Highmaul close, because new players still need to level up in Highmaul, or they cannot step into Blackrock. If you want to get more loots from the Blackrock Foundry now, you can use coupon code “SPRING8” to buy wow Draenor gold cheap on Safewow to join.

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