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safewow safe wow gold help you Raiding Highmaul in WoD

Posted Dec 5, 2014 by fifapal
safewow safe wow gold help you Raiding Highmaul in WoD

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 5, 2014 -- The first raid of Warlords of Draenor, Highmaul, finally opens its doors to all wow players. Beware, if you are willing to play for normal and heroic modes, now you should get started. But if you want to have a try of mythic and finder, then you have to wait until December 9th, with some additional raid finder wings opening on December 16th and January 6th. Are you ready for Highmaul, or will you be diving back into raiding this week?

To begin your raiding with some Highmaul Basics.
In fact, Highmaul has 5 main encounters which are Kargath Bladefist, The Butcher, Ko’ragh, Twin Ogron and Imperator Mar’gok, and two optional encounters: Brackenspore and Tectus. However, the latest gaming update has made The Butcher, Tectus, Brackenspore optional bosses.
What’s more, there are four difficulties in Highmaul: LFR(25 players), Normal (10-30), Heroic (10-30), and Mythic (20). When you are dealing with these parts, be more cautious than ever before. Meanwhile, wowtoes team would like to remind you that all four raid difficulties do not share lockouts and you can buy safe wow gold there.
Loot rewards from Highmaul:

In general, the loot ranges between ilvl 640-685 and gear can be acquired for every slot. The gear on average is 10 ilvl lower than Blackrock Foundry loot. Be clear, there will not any Tier 17 with set bonuses dropping from Highmaul. Now see special loot drops:

LFR: 640
Normal: 655
Heroic: 670
Mythic: 685

Normal, heroic, and Mythic loot also have a chance to come in several variations:

Warforged: +6 item level boost
Tertiary stat: Avoidance, Leech, Indestructible, or Speed
Prismatic Socket: Draenor Gems can be placed in this gear. These sockets do not have bonuses or colors.

Collect raid consumables before you start raiding Highmaul.

Due to the fact that profession perks have been removed in Warlords of Draenor, you needn’t reroll a profession to get a specific raid benefit, but you should know what raid consumables are needed before you start raiding Highmaul.

1. Flasks cover primary stats- Agility, Strength, Intellect, Stamina.
2. When cooking food, you can covers every secondary stats in Warlords either for a +75 or +100 boost.
3. Both 10 and 30 players can enjoy feasts, but the best feast is not from cooking. Savage Feast is obtained via Work Orders when you trap a Riverbeast or Boar at your Level 2 or 3 Barn.

All in all, Highmaul will offer great pleasure for all WOW fans. If you are going to give it a try or you are just doing the raiding, hope this guide from safewow team can just help you play smoothly.
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