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safewow:How to Level up from Level 90 to 100 Quickly in Warlords of Draenor

Posted Nov 20, 2014 by fifapal
safewow:How to Level up from Level 90 to 100 Quickly in Warlords of Draenor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 20, 2014 -- Plenty of reports read that just hours after new world of warcraft expansion release, some players has already hit the game’s new level cap. Except for guide to gear up quickly in WOW Draenor, here is a guide for you to level up to 100 within several minutes from a level-100 player.

Required Items:

Cracked Talisman – it is necessary and useful for negating fall damage that would kill you.

Water Strider allows running across water.

Battle Standard of Coordination, Standard of Unity, and Banner of Cooperation increase EXP from treasures.

Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning increase EXP from treasures, monsters, quests, and bonus objectives by 20%.

Potion of Slow Fall from a treasure in Shadowmoon Valley

600 Archaeology

Main EXP Sources:

Quests: you have to complete 25 daily quests before heading to Tanaan Jungle to make this route work. If you don’t, you should add more quests at the end of this zone in order to get 92.

Treasure: most treasure give experience, equal to 80% of a quest completion. Obtaining treasures can give you gear, usable items, pets, and vendor trash. Besides, items with a purple glowing outline around them are worth to collect. Note that treasure can only be looted once. If you forget to lot it after clicking it accidently, it will disappear and give you the experience. The item will then be placed in your mailbox.

Bonus Objectives: This is an alternative to completing quests. You don’t accept bonus objectives or turn them in, but show up to the area marked with two crossed swords on the map, complete the requirements, and get rewarded with experience and wow gold fast. Bonus objectives can only be completed once.


Potion of Accelerated Learning for Level 91: it will increase experience gains from bonus objectives, treasures, mounts and pets by 20%. So buy it from innkeeper with 100 garrison resources.

Guild Banners increase experience gains from monsters and bonus objectives by 5 – 15%. Remember that banners have a 10 minute cooldown and a 100 yard range. There are a couple of places where treasures are within 200 yards of each other and you can drop the banner between the two of them to greatly increase the experience you gain from obtaining them.

Garrison Abilities: You can choose from 2 abilities in each zone. This route requires that you get specific garrison abilities in all zones except for Nagrand. You can always change your garrison ability for a cost.

Daze: It is very common to get dazed and dismounted when running by an enemy that attacks you. To keep you from getting dazed, please never allow enemies hit your back through strafing and hopping and turning in the air. Besides, you can also get dazed while being dismounted and standing completely still.

Nitro Boosts(Engineers only): These are a quick way to get around with a high failure rate. A cracked talisman is helpful to immune from fall damage, along with Goblin glider and certain class abilities.

Goblin Glider(Engineers only): It can be used to cover large distance without any obstacles blocking you If you do not take any precautions against nitro boost failure, then you should keep this off of cooldown.

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