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Safewow free bonus wow gold make you out of WOW patch 6.1 in New Year

Posted Dec 29, 2014 by fifapal
Safewow free bonus wow gold make you out of WOW patch 6.1 in New Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 29, 2014 -- While we have no confirmation, we can reasonably expect we'll see murmurings on the patch 6.1 front once the holiday season has passed -- that is, in the weeks following New Year's Day. We know the new blood elf models will be in that patch barring any unforeseen circumstances, but beyond that, it's mostly guesswork. Tanaan Jungle might open in that patch ... or it may come a little later. What do you want to happen in that patch, though?

Personally, I only want more solo-oriented max level content. Right now, solo content is largely the one daily apexis quest and grinding mobs for either more apexis or some not-very-useful reputation. Having the barn in your garrison gives you a few more quests for taming your new mounts, but they aren't very substantial. I have no issue with grinding mobs; I find it quite peaceful. It would be nice to have more variety, though. Whether that be daily quests or a sandbox akin to the Timeless Isle, I'm not picky. Either one is fine by me.
Greetings, everyone. It is boxing day. Have you all got the presents? Remember that you have made wishes to Greatfather Winter in World of Warcraft? Greatfather Winter has once again returned to Azeroth with gifts for all. Don’t forget to visit Ironforge or Orgrimmar and look under the Winter’s Veil tree for your gifts. Whether you were naughty or nice, all of you get your own delights from Greatfather Winter.

As usual, we come straight to the point today. Many players were asking whether there is a new expansion. I don’t know if I want a whole new world for the next expansion. There’s at least one uncharted continent on Draenor we could explore, and they could always put a new one on Azeroth, or send us to the Emerald Dream. Lots of things you can do with the IP. Even if we did go to another world, there’s worlds we’ve heard of but not seen like Xoroth and Argus.

Ron2 asks: “Maybe this is explained in the books, but why does Grom trust Garrosh in the first place? If I’m the Warsong chieftain and this stranger shows up bearing the tattoo of the Warsong chieftain, my first thought would be “usurper” not “savior”.

Someone already linked the short story Hellscream but I’ll link it again because it basically shows you exactly what happened. At first, Grom didn’t trust him, but there was a sincerity to Garrosh’s words and actions convinced Grommash to listen.
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