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Safewow 10% bonus astral diamonds neverwinter offering for Boss Forbidden Kick

Posted Apr 16, 2015 by fifapal
Safewow 10% bonus astral diamonds neverwinter offering for Boss Forbidden Kick

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 16, 2015 -- Have you experienced to be kicked out when you are closer and closer taking down a boss in dungeons? Or have your guild often kicked someone out with no information? Whether should the kick feature be removed in Neverwinter or not? It seems too many Rogues have been suffering from this kick issue for years.

Kick feature get abused on both PC and Xbox

Many players complains that players get kicked easily for one mistake, even for other people’s mistake. For example, DPS ran into a huge group of mobs, got slaughtered, typed "this cleric"…and then, rogue was promptly booted for doing nothing. Besides, Hunter Ranger seems get a lot of that too.

On epic dungeons, people need SW and TR to end up with a good group. Due to their inherent defects, they are always kicked at the final boss so that the group can get someone who can tank and heal instead, especially when going through the high end dungeon. Is it fair for them to spend time Neverwinter astral diamonds for sale in battle and get nothing but kicked?

What’s worse, running through an entire dungeon with people from another guild obviously in an exclusive party, shockingly, they get kicked when the final boss is about to go down just in order to have a better chance of getting the epic


1. Group up rather than take risks to fight with other and get kicked.

2. Find a guild you can trust, or play with friends, as the devs suggested before.

3. Choose another to play, like a healing DC, instead of Rogue.

4. Kick is forbidden in boss fights.

Xbox Neverwinter is only available for couple of weeks, and there are more and more inexperienced MMO players on board, who need time to learn their roles properly. Maybe as the time goes, this issue may be improved. During this period, you might as well earn free cash vouchers by reviewing for Safewow on Trustpolit to buy astral diamonds for neverwinter cheap.
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