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Safety Tips for Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Posted Mar 19, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 19, 2015 -- Thanks to the advancements in technology; disability is no more a limitation, it is just one among the challenges in life. With the innovations like mobility scooters, even wheelchair bound persons can move around on their own. Certain models even help a person travel long distances. Still, staying on road is not that simple for a disabled or elderly driver. Below are some helpful suggestions if you belong to this group, detailed suggestions found at Better Life Mobility Center website
Safety tips for heavy duty mobility scooters
The first thing you should do to stay safe on the road on a scooter is to familiarize yourself with the user manual. It will have detailed instructions on how to navigate curbs. You should also understand the restrictions on the areas where you can take it. Drive straight to a curb. The wheels of your scooter may not be able to support you if you drive from an angle; it may tip. Know that most of the electric scooters are equipped with anti-tip wheels for extra stability when driving on curbs. This will work only if you drive straight. Given below are some other helpful tips.
1. Inspect the tires
Most of the heavy duty electric scooters feature air-filled tires. These can wear out if driven on rough terrains, nail or pieces of glass. Avoid dirty surfaces as much as possible. Check the pressure and make sure that it is on the recommended level. Over-inflated tires will get spoiled beforetime and under-inflated ones will shorten the lifespan of the batteries.
2. Don’t ignore pedestrians
Know that pedestrians have the right of way all the time. Always remain courteous to them. Slow down when you see the elderly or those unable to walk fast. If necessary, alert them of your presence with a horn.
3. Do not drive when drunk
Don’t try to drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. Negligence here will invite the wrath of the law of the land. And, you may have to spend some time in jail depending on the type of case being charged.
4. Don’t overload it
Your bodyweight may be below the weight limit your scooter can carry. But, the extra items like shopping bags add up to it. When loading your scooter, see to it that the weight is distributed evenly. Do not ever hang anything on the handlebar. The uneven distribution of weight will affect the stability of your vehicle.
5. Be mindful of the speed limit
One can drive a heavy duty mobility scooter at a speed of 8 miles per hour. But, don’t think that you can always maintain it. Slow down in busy streets and before corners or curbs.
You may be driving at a lower pace when compared to other motorists. However, this does not guarantee the freedom to go against the traffic rules and regulations. You should also stay visible at night. If possible, attach a flag to the scooter. It should be above your head so that others may see you from a distance.
This is a small draft. Do a thorough research on safety measures for heavy duty mobility scooters and drive accordingly.
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