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Runescape Void Knight/Penance Armour Sets

Posted Apr 25, 2014 by sonyasunny
While I originally planned to cover this as part of Issues in Armour Tiers, the Task equipment turned out to be so messed up and too large issue to tackle that I had to give it its own section in this thread.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 25, 2014 -- Runescape Task Armour Set

While I originally planned to cover this as part of Issues in Armour Tiers, the Task equipment turned out to be so messed up and too large issue to tackle that I had to give it its own section in this thread.

Basically, the problem with the Task armour sets is that most pieces of task armour sets lost their stats during the transition to EoC, making them less useful in combat (they have always been unused in combat, after all). The option that I offer to fix task armour sets would be to bring all tasks set rewards under a simple pattern: Easy task items are equal to tier 20, Medium to tier 30, Hard to tier 40 and Elite to tier 50. This is a feasible way to handle the issues with the Task equipment sets, seeing that most Task set armour pieces already follow this setting to begin with. Anyways, to the issues in Task equipment!

• Seer's headband 1 and 2 have no stats what-so-ever, and Seer's headband 3 and 4 offer only a low +3 Prayer bonus when worn. They should have the same stats as tier 20, 30, 40 and 50 full helms, and all headbands should have a Prayer bonus equal to the number in their names (Seer's headband 4 would have +4 Prayer bonus).

• Morytania legs 1 offer +35 defence bonus, while Steel platelegs offer +69. This should be changed so that Morytania legs 1 offer +69 defence bonus as well.

• Karamja gloves 1, 2 and 3 all offer +15 health bonus, while the actual gloves at those tiers have way higher health bonus (tier 20 gloves have +60, tier 30 gloves have +90 and tier 40 gloves have +120 health bonus). This means that Karamja gloves should receive a buff to their health bonuses.

• Fremennik boots 2 have too high Defence bonus (+50, which is higher than that of Fremennik boots 4 +42) and too low health boost (+60, the same as Fremennik sea boots 1, compared to Mithril boots +90). Their real stats should be +22 Defence bonus and +90 Health bonus, the same as Mithril boots.

• Falador shield 3 and 4 weight more than Adamant and Rune kiteshields. Seeing that Falador shields 1 and 2 are already lighter than their closest tradeable conterpartners, and that light weight is a common bonus to Task armour sets, I suggest that these pieces of equipment would have their weight decreased.

• Falador shield 1 have the same defensive and health stats as Iron kiteshield, while Falador shield 2 has actually lower stats than Steel kiteshield: while health bonus is the same, defensive bonus is ten points lower (Falador shield 2 has +53, while Steel kiteshield has +63). Falador shield 1 should have the same bonuses as Steel kiteshield, while Falador shield 2 should have same runescape gold as Mithril kiteshield, both with lighter weight and a prayer bonus.

• Following how tier system implies capes should have their Defence level counted, Ardougne cloaks should have higher defence bonus than it currently has. In practice, this would mean that Ardougne cape 4's defence stats should match those of tier 2 Warpriest robes, while at the other end of the pipeline, Ardougne cape 1's defence stats should be lower than those of tier 1 Warpriest cape (a buff to the stats, nonetheless).

• At the moment, the armour type of task equipment is messed up for good. Varrock armour, Morytania legs, Karamja gloves and Falador shield are classified as melee armour, Ardougne cloak is classified as 'All', and the rest of the equipment pieces have no armour type. I feel that all pieces of Task armour set should be counted as 'All' or 'No class' equipment, without the stats degrade hybrid equipment usually receives. This would mean that after the change, Varrock armour 4 would be classified as 'All' or 'No class' armour and still have same stats as Rune platebody.

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Last Updated : Apr 25, 2014

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