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Rules for participating in country shows

Posted Feb 28, 2015 by tedmark
Country fairs are events where craftsmen, food manufacturers, florists and entertainers meet with people who love traditions and handmade products.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 28, 2015 -- Country fairs are a good way to spend a lovely day out with your entire family. It is also a manner of increasing a vendor’s sales. But until a vendor becomes a part of a country fair, some rules have to be known and respected.

One of the first rules is to book a stall at the country fair where you would like to sell your items. Bookings need to be made months before the event and, in many cases, a deposit has to be created. This deposit or a percentage of the amount will be forfeited if the vendor cancels their booking.

In general, those who make their bookings early have the possibility of choosing the location where they will display their merchandise. If they decide to participate in country fairs several weeks before the event, they would obviously have to deal with the remaining lots and choose one of them.

To give everybody participating in country shows the possibility of selling their items effectively, country show organisers provide vendors with the same stall dimensions. If the vendors need more space than the one provided by organisers, they can always book more than one stall.

Stalls at country shows benefit from a table and two chairs. According to statistics and vendors’ opinions, a 6-foot table is enough to display the products that you want to sell. If, however, you require more than one table, you have the possibility to include some extra tables in your allotted space, as long as you use only the space you have been given.

Once you have been accepted at the country show as a vendor, you need to start focusing on the items that you will exhibit and on their storage boxes or containers. And now is the most appropriate time to take into consideration your neighbours at the show. If your boxes, containers, racks or other accessories create any inconvenience whatsoever for your neighbours, you would have to move them at once.

While this is no actual rule, but more of a recommendation, organisers suggest that the vendors focus on displaying original items that are created solely by them. At a country fair, plenty of vendors sell jewellery or pottery. With such an amount of similar items, it is difficult to be successful, but if you create something that has never been created before, you could sell your merchandise effectively.

When making a booking at a country show, vendors are required to mention their craft. They cannot change the category of items that were mentioned on the booking form. In other words, if you say that you want to sell jewellery, this is what you should bring to the fair, not pottery, clothes or flowers.

Country fairs can be very successful, but only for those vendors who know how to respect the rules imposed by those who organise them. These rules are created to guarantee participants’ safety and equality and to create the best conditions for every vendor to sell their products effectively. To learn more about how you can participate in country shows , we invite you to visit our website.
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Last Updated : Feb 28, 2015

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