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Responsibilities of a driving instructor in Cumbernauld

Posted Oct 11, 2014 by johnybfre
A driving instructor is a professional specialised in teaching people how to drive.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 11, 2014 -- Driving instructors are professionals who teach people how to drive motor vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. They need to be updated on everything that is new in the automotive industry, know how various motor vehicles operate, since some of their clients could require them to teach them how to drive their own vehicles, not the driving school’s vehicles, and also know traffic legislation with all that this implies, meaning laws, rules, regulations, penalties, and amendments.

Positioning mirrors, using car pedals, parking, adjusting the driver’s seat, turning fog lights on and off, all these are accurately described by a driving instructor in Cumbernauld and performed by their students. Besides teaching future drivers how to maneuvre a vehicle, a driving instructor also tells them how to behave in various traffic situations, for example when they experience a traffic jam or when they come across a car crash and their presence is required by those involved in the accident.

Driving lessons in Cumbernauld take place in a classroom and also on the street. At the beginning, driving instructors have to make sure their students know road markings and traffic signs and their meanings, are familiar with basic road rules and can keep their calm in case they encounter an unexpected situation on the road like a car accident. Once the basic theory part is over, driving instructors take their students where the real deal happens, on the street.

While a student is behind the wheel, their driving instructor in Cumbernauld never stops from giving them advice on how to drive safely and correctly, how to always pay attention to everything that happens near their car, and how to respect road rules. Driving instructors provide their students with different aspects of driving, such as town driving or all weather driving, to make sure the students understand better what safe driving is all about.

Besides focusing on teaching students how to drive safely and correctly, driving instructors can also test their students’ vision and hearing, since they need to be extremely attentive to everything that happens on the road. If the instructor finds a potential problem with one of their students’ vision or hearing, they recommend the student visits a specialised doctor and treat their problem right away, to become suitable for driving a vehicle.

Another responsibility that driving instructors have is to write down notes on their students’ progress. An example would be to write a few phrases about the skills and behaviour of a student after two or three driving lessons in Cumbernauld and compare them to the skills of the same student after two or three more driving lessons. This way, driving instructors have an accurate diagram of how their students accumulate the advice and knowledge transmitted by their instructor.

Eager to get behind the wheel and travel to unknown destinations? For this, you need to have a driver’s license and be able to drive a vehicle safely and correctly. Contact our experienced and friendly driving instructor in Cumbernauld to provide you with professional driving lessons in Cumbernauld and transform your dream of driving a car into a reality.
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Last Updated : Oct 11, 2014

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