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Remove personal care stress with respite care

Posted Mar 23, 2014 by gailblack
If someone requires personal care at home then it could be anyone in the family that can provide such care. In most of the cases the women of the family are entrusted with this job.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 23, 2014 -- If someone requires personal care at home then it could be anyone in the family that can provide such care. In most of the cases the women of the family are entrusted with this job because the men are the bread earners. In families where both the men and the women are working professionals the job is divided between the two. But caring for another human being is not the easiest of jobs. It often leads to stress. The best option in such a scenario is to opt for respite care.

Some people may be rendered completely immobile due to multiple circumstances. This can often happen in old people. They lose all their powers of mobility at their advanced ages and it is impossible for them to perform even the most basic tasks. Loss of mobility can also happen to someone who is recovering from an accident or a surgery. These people simply cannot do without personal care. Because one has to spend money to arrange for professional care many homes have the people belonging to the home taking care of these tasks. But as mentioned above, this is a most challenging task.

Personal care can take 24-hours of one’s time of the day and day after day. It can start in the morning when the patient has to have their teeth brushed. They then need to be fed breakfast and medicines. They also need assistance in cleaning their bowel and bladder. They need to be bathed and dressed. And if it’s an old man you have then they also need to be shaved from time to time. And these are just basic tasks. Some patients also need help to move about because that has been prescribed. Some need changing of bandages and administering of injections and so on. As you can see this can be a fulltime job and you cannot blame if someone loses their cool in a few days.

At this moment when someone loses their cool because they cannot handle personal care anymore that respite care steps in. Respite care is a temporary arrangement where the primary caregiver gets respite from their work. Through this form of care one can ensure that the patient continues to get the care they require and the caregiver is not stressed out.

Respite care can be arranged for any duration of time. It can be for the nights or the weekdays or the weekends or even during holidays and prolonged periods of a few weeks. This arrangement is beneficial for many families because they don’t need to pay for a full caregiver service and at the same time the primary caregiver is able to refresh themselves.

Personal care shouldn’t become a burden for you. If you start losing your temper and snapping at people it is the patient that will start feeling bad. This could worsen their situation. Simply opt for respite care for a while so that everyone gets the chance for a change. This is the best arrangement you could have.
Taking personal care of a patient at home should never turn into a stressful experience. One always has the option to choose professional respite care .
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