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Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

Posted Feb 8, 2015 by Backrxspinecare
Reclining is thought of as beneficial only while watching a movie or falling asleep after a meal.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 8, 2015 -- People don't think reclining at work is possible or even a good thing! However this notion should be challenged, specially with bad backs being on the rise.

Reclining essentially means a back bend only with support. This means the chair takes the weight of your back while you are reclining, allowing all those hard working back muscles to relax & get a duly deserved break. Scientifically, reclining reduces pressures in the discs of your lower back thus helping to reduce back pain.

Reclining while you have a client/colleague may not be the best idea but using frequent reclining breaks during the day, will actually help your back a great deal.

Reclining Office Chairs are usually the Ergonomic Office Chair variety. Almost every part of the chair can be adjusted to suit your body & office set up dimensions. Ergonomics essentially means making your office set up healthy for your joints. Your lower back, neck, wrist & hands are all at a risk when you work for 8 hours behind a desk. Give your office set up some thought & invest in an Ergonomic Office Chairs or a Reclining Office Chair that will protect you.

The following features are very important to consider when looking for an Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair:

● Seat height - should be easily adjustable
● Seat width & depth - should have enough width & depth to support any user comfortably
● Lumbar support - lower back support is very crucial often height adjustable
● Backrest – should be adjustable mainly for recline with ability to lock at various angles
● Arm rests - should be adjustable
● Swivel - any ergonomic chair should rotate easily
● Stability - a five star base is recommended for most working environments
● Seat material - the material on the seat & back should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time

Learn how to make every adjustment in your chair. It is so easy.
Then adjust your Ergonomic Office Chair according to your height & body dimensions.

Sit all the way back into your chair with your lower back neatly supported, head-neck straight, shoulders pushed back & relaxed, elbows close to the body & feet flat on the floor.

A footrest, a laptop stand & a keyboard tray along with the Ergonomic Office Chair will help you to achieve this sort of neutral posture. Essentially supporting your joints correctly while you sit for long hours is necessary and so the right office set up tools become important to achieve this.

Even after you set yourself up correctly, taking frequent breaks & reducing the static stress on your body- by stretching, walking, reclining, as often as you can, is important.

If you sit like this & move often, you will feel great & work much better. A relaxed, comfortable body is a pre-requisite for a bright, active mind!
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Last Updated : Feb 8, 2015

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