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Read tease and denial stories

Posted May 22, 2014 by sorewoods
When people hear about a new subject or are intrigued of something, they tend to go online and to read more about it

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 22, 2014 -- When people hear about a new subject or are intrigued of something, they tend to go online and to read more about it, to see what others think and if it is worth their attention. The same thing goes with tease and denial stories, since male chastity is becoming increasingly popular and it does bring some interesting benefits. Many couples might be reticent, because they can’t understand what chastity will bring in their relationship and if there are going to be some changes. Unfortunately, many men are still selfish and even when it comes to satisfying their partners, they don’t actually do it. Maybe some are unwilling to, while others can’t last a lot in bed. However, locked in chastity can be a solution and once you get into it and find out more about the subject, you will understand why so many couples adopted it already.
A lot of couples share their tease and denial stories online and they say how it changed their relationships and their lives. Men became a lot more submissive, they pay attention to their partners’ needs, they are more attentive to pleasing them and they are less preoccupied in masturbation and in other women. Locked in chastity involves locking up penises in cages and chastity devices of all kind, designed out of various materials and in many shapes. They are restricted from having an orgasm and ejaculate, but in the same time, they will have erections and be able to control them better. While caged, their female partners can spank, tickle and dominate them.
Once they get an erection, the metal or plastic cage will be tight on the penis, causing a slight level of discomfort, which ultimately will discourage ejaculation. After caging the penises, the key holders can do whatever they please to their partners and they can do it for as long as they desire. Men will be unable of releasing themselves and they will focus their attention on pleasing their partners. They will do it the best they can, just so that the key holder will set them free to have their own release as well. However, this is just one part of locked in chastity, as more tease and denial stories can prove to incite even more.
Some key holders take things even higher, as they cage their partners for a longer duration of time and even when they are out of the house. There are some special devices that can arouse men and make them more obedient. A lot of women have declared to be highly satisfied after embracing locked in chastity. It changed their lives and they have a wide variety of devices to shop from, no matter if they are just starters or they have some experience already. You can start playing with your partner, tease him and make him beg for an orgasm. That is the whole fun of it, knowing that you are in control and you determine when he will be released. There is nothing like spicing up your relationship and adding something new.

Once you hear some tease and denial stories , you will get even more aroused. You can now join a community of all the people that practice locked in chastity .
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Last Updated : May 22, 2014

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