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Property Insurance Misconceptions on Renter’s Coverage

Posted Jan 8, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 8, 2015 -- Property Insurance Misconceptions on Renter’s Coverage
According to the Department of Justice, rented property remains the favorite of burglars of today. They say that up to 80% of burglaries take place in these buildings. Still, the question remains; why people are reluctant to acquire renter’s insurance protection? The answer is quite simple; the field is plagued with misconceptions. Given below are some of the common myths in the sector and the facts about them.
1. It is expensive
This is the most common among the wrong notions consumers have about renter’s coverage. The truth is that it is much cheaper when compared to a home owners policy. A renter’s policy holder can get a compensation of up to $30,000 in a premium of just $300 per year. And, you stay safe from the damages from almost all natural calamities.
For a homeowner, the cost is almost double because the insurance coverage is designed to protect both the property and the contents inside. A renter just has to take care of his/her belongings. Explore the Internet; you would get as many illustrations as you wanting this regard.
2. I don’t have enough to insure
Some are of the view that they don’t have enough belongings so as to justify spending for insurance protection for them. Just roam around in your apartment or rented home and take an inventory of the things you have; the list would correct your misgivings about a renter’s insurance policy. Even if everything you own is second-hand, the cost of replacing it is sure to go up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Spending a bit as regular premium would make sure that you don’t have to bear the brunt of natural disasters or other unexpected emergencies.
3. My landlord has rental property insurance
The conception is the most dangerous in the ones spread among tenants all over the nation. Know that none of your belongings are covered by a landlord’s policy. It is there to safeguard the items your landlord owns. The homeowner is not responsible for anything which belongs to you.
4. It just protects my personal belongings
There are people who feel that renter’s insurance covers just the articles belonging to them. But, most of the time, a general policy designed for the purpose also takes care of liabilities. For instance, if someone happens to get injured while in your home, this policy bears the expenses involved in treatment. Some policies even protect you in the instances of legal complications. However, make sure that you do a thorough research before buying a particular policy.
There are also consumers who feel that shopping is a herculean task in this respect. Just spend a few minutes online; this is the easiest you can get in the market. Besides, this is the safest policies available to get at present.
Renter’s property insurance is optional. But, it is sure to be far better than having to replace everything at an unexpected time. The weather is quite unpredictable. Natural calamities like flood can happen any time.
If your property is located in San Diego, CA visit and let their experts explain all about property insurance you need to know. Check for online quotes at
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