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Perfect flooring possible with cork underlayment

Posted Jan 10, 2014 by davidbanks
Quercus suber – sounds latin? Well it is. This is the scientific name of the cork oak tree from which cork is extracted.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 10, 2014 -- Quercus suber – sounds latin? Well it is. This is the scientific name of the cork oak tree from which cork is extracted. Cork underlayment is such a great option for soundproofing of flooring that you wouldn’t do well not to consider it for your home. With cork tile being used throughout the surface of your home you have a floor that offers you some amazing benefits.

Cork is a natural substance that is prepared from the stripped bark of the cork oak tree. This is an environment friendly product that helps save the natural resources. Cork oak is cultivated in multiple parts of Europe and Africa and the cork thus prepared is used as soundproof flooring for homes throughout the world. Cork has unique properties that make it perfect for making the floors soundproof no matter where one’s home is.

The most important property of cork is that it’s soundproof and waterproof. So, for apartments with children using cork tile on the floor is a great choice. No matter how much noise the children make inside the home the sound will not permeate the flooring and disturb the people a floor below.

Since cork tile is waterproof it is perfect for those homes where moisture is an issue. The cork flooring ensures that no mold or mildew formation happens and the floor remains dry throughout the year. The insulating properties of cork also make it perfect for cold days. It is able to retain heat and thus keep homes naturally warm. You could save a lot on heating when you have cork flooring done. So effective is this property of cork that it is one of the primary components of the refrigeration industry.

Cork underlayment is an option many homeowners use. An underlayment made of cork acts as the perfect platform for any flooring option that you may choose. Using a layer of cork under the floor offers some great benefits. The biggest benefit of using cork as the underlayment surface is that it is soundproof. So, if you have kids at home you would always want to use cork underlayment so that no sounds permeates below. No matter how loud the sound is a layer of cork can always eat it up. Even when you have a wild party at home the people below will only faintly hear the noise being made. For those that stay in apartment complexes using a layer of cork belong the flooring makes a lot of sense.

We have been talking about the benefits of using cork tile. But you may be in favor of marble or some other flooring material. With cork underlayment it is possible to use any flooring material and keep it safe. Cork is an excellent insulator and it can keep the flooring material going on for years.

Choose cork underlayment below other flooring options and reap its benefits. You will save loads of money by opting for cork as your underlayment and flooring material. You can also use cork tile to improve aesthetics and keep everyone inside your home safe.

There are many benefits of cork underlayment that create the perfect base for all flooring materials. You can also use cork tile that is cheap to procure and maintain, thus saving cost for you.
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Last Updated : Jan 10, 2014

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