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PDS suture .

Posted Apr 23, 2015 by juanoliv3
A PDS suture is an absorbable suture designed for soft tissue approximation. It is mainly used in pediatric surgery. This suture is made from polydioxanone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 23, 2015 -- A PDS suture is an absorbable suture designed for soft tissue approximation. It is mainly used in pediatric surgery. This suture is made from polydioxanone, is absorbed throughout an extended period of time that allows the patient to heal naturally, and is very resistant. To buy sutures like this, healthcare facilities should contact a reliable seller.

PDS sutures can be used in pediatric cardiovascular surgery, but not in adult cardiovascular surgery. Also, they can prove effective in ophthalmic surgery, but not in procedures that involve a contact with cornea or sclera. PDS sutures are absorbed into the human body in about six weeks after the surgery, that is why it is important to use them only for those medical conditions that have a healing time of less than six weeks.

It is recommended that surgeons do not use PDS sutures in combination with medical devices like heart valves. Another recommendation concerning the PDS suture is to use it immediately after the package containing it gets opened; keeping a suture like this out of its package and not using it immediately makes the product unusable.

Another thing that has to be mentioned about sutures like this is that they are not manufactured to be re-sterilized, nor to be used after expiration date. When they arrive at the hospital or clinic that orders them, they have to be properly stored, at a specific temperature, and in a clear order that would allow surgeons to use them without worrying that they had expired.

PDS sutures can be dyed or undyed. They come accompanied by surgical needles. The way needles are handled during surgery plays an important role in the success or failure of the procedure. A wound that is not closed properly can let bacteria thrive and transform the entire area into a colony of all sorts of microorganisms.

To buy sutures, whether they are made from polydioxanone, polypropylene, or polyglycolic acid, those interested have to contact a reliable seller. Some sutures are manufactured to be absorbed very fast, others in a higher amount of time. Some are created to provide protection against microbes, others are non-absorbable or permanent and are designed to stay inside the human body forever.

For a quick recovery, patients that have gone through a surgery and for which PDS sutures have been used need to avoid working out like they used to do prior to the surgery. It is considered that at six weeks, the time when PDS sutures are completely absorbed, the tissue where they were present has about 60% of its original strength.

To allow the tissue to heal, physical exercises have to be avoided several more weeks after these six weeks, until the tissue regains its entire strength. To see which exact activities can be performed by a person that has just experienced a surgery, patients have to discuss with their surgeons.

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