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Online partial discharge switchgear monitoring

Posted Apr 14, 2014 by gailblack
Nowadays, people have the opportunity of implementing various partial discharge switchgear monitoring solutions that can help them save time and money...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 14, 2014 -- Nowadays, people have the opportunity of implementing various partial discharge switchgear monitoring solutions that can help them save time and money, while in the same time keep the situation under control and maintain apparatus working under normal conditions. Partial discharge generators is one of the most frequent causes that can lead to failure with electrical equipment, an important reason to why people should put more interest in finding solutions. If what is implemented so far does not work properly and does not provide the expected results, perhaps it is time to look in another direction and to embrace modern technology.
How about monitoring partial discharge switchgear online? Did you know it is possible and providers have come up with some highly efficient solutions? Once they are implemented, monitoring tools will be able to diagnose insulation faults even before they take place, helping engineers work in safe conditions and letting them know when the burst is going to take place. Electrical equipment will function in normal conditions, thus operation is not interrupted at any stage. At some point, it is normal to think about replacing certain parts within electrical equipment, as due to usage, they no longer function properly.
Partial discharge generators solutions can tell you when it is time to do so or to consider retrofitting, depending on the situation. The benefits of online partial discharge switchgear are worthy of being mentioned, as each plant can take advantage of them. To start with, network downtime can be reduced, switchboard safety will be increased and ultimately, those operating electrical equipment will have a better knowledge about what they are working with and their condition. Not to mention that providers that offer these solutions will also include support and extra information if required.
More than that, they can include multitasking solutions, used not just for partial discharge switchgear monitoring, but control and communication as well. These are some of the best, as they include the overall package and everything you might require on the long term. Each partial discharge generators solution works in a specific manner and by using a certain technology. This is why it is important to discuss in advance with several providers and learn more on how your electrical equipment can benefit from it, if it is what you need and so on.
Each company wants to increase productivity, to spend less on maintaining and repairing electrical equipment of all kind. It is even more unpleasant when failure appears when least expected, slowing down power, operations and giving a lot of headache in trying to see where the problem comes from and how can it be resolved. All electrical equipment can be tested for partial discharge for better operation, while motors and switchgears are operated live, assessing insulation and where it can occur. Offline monitoring takes a lot more time and it might not be as efficient. It is time to get the right solutions and improve your plant’s conditions.
If you are interested in learning more about partial discharge switchgear monitoring solutions, don’t hesitate to contact the company. They will give you the information you need about partial discharge generators and more.
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Last Updated : Apr 14, 2014

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