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Online Analysis For Uvp Gel Documentation System

Posted Nov 28, 2014 by elinaalbert
We are specialized in Gel Documentation System and we also focus on Electrophoresis of DNA and Electrophoresis DNA Fingerprinting.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 28, 2014 -- Uvp Gel Documentation System is designed as a simple to use, economical and high superiority gel documentation and archiving system designed for specially Life Science Laboratory. The system is designed intended for multiple-user laboratories and features live appetizer, pre-set exposure times, auto save and an integrated monitor in a compressed design. A variety of gel documentation systems intended for gel imaging by means of digital cameras, gel imaging with CCD cameras, manual fixed, manual zoom, powered fixed and motorized zoom camera lenses, with and devoid of transilluminators, PCs and motorized chemi taster platforms from BioOlympics Ltd.

Capture, print and save images in color for basic documentation Photo Doc gels with UV system-It, Inc. You can view the photo before taking the photo viewer included in the hood. The visor blocks the UV light. The emitter ethidium bromide filter is positioned within the hood and can be easily exchanged for another type of filters. The images obtained can be downloaded to the memory card. In addition, the camera can be connected to a PC with USB cable to transfer the images. The included printer produces prints 10 x 15cm (4x6) of high quality. Accessories and converter plates, UV protection and other accessories are available by clicking this page.

This Gel documentation system from BioOlympics Ltd is just one of a selection of manufactured goods from this supplier. You can pay money for a huge range of manufactured biological analysis goods from BioOlympics Ltd. Feel free to browse our products commencing BioOlympics Ltd inside our web catalogue to observe how also we can present products to support you in your lab. The various ways you can pay money for the Gel Doc documentation system as of BioOlympics. We makes every effort to make the products we provide, such as the Gel Documentation System obtainable however you choose to pay money for from us.

It system offers images acquisition and documentation of gels and colorimetric images. You can transfer images to your computer quickly via the Compact Flash card or USB connector plug and play high speed included. The imaging system 210 Bio Doc-It with LM-20E UV transilluminator offers an all in one system dedicated to gel documentation for fluorescent and colorimetric images. This model comes with camera of 0.3 megapixel pinhole camera with touch screen, but comes with no side access doors. The 8-inch LCD screen with new touch screen technology allows users to easily select options screen with the stylus. The integrated software provides greater simplicity for image capture and preview live images as well as storage. It can save images in formats GIF, TIFF or JPEG file. USB Drive permits consumers to save captured images on a USB stick 1GB minimum, inclusive. Network connectivity enables transfer images directly to a remote computer. Simple to use software interface by means of touch control buttons. Save the picture was snapped, select TIFF file formats JPEG, GIF. USB drive, or attach to a network to transfer images to a separate computer. The LCD screen moves to give optimum viewing angle the touch technology allows the user to select the functions of the system with a stylus. White light located at the top of the darkroom. Ethidium bromide filter slide tray located beneath the filter chamber. Window for viewing while blocking UV gels to visualize the samples. BioOlympics Ltd combines the micro-electromechanical systems and molecular diagnosis to supply the shortest testing time, maximum sensitivity and precision for the on-site photo. With our system, you can uncover diseases and create discoveries at anytime. For more detail information please visit
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Last Updated : Nov 28, 2014

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