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Olivewood24 Discusses Hygienic Benefits of Wooden Cutting Boards

Posted Apr 30, 2015 by PressR
Sonja Vollmer is President of olivewood24, an online retailer of traditional olive wood products.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 30, 2015 -- Sonja Vollmer is President of olivewood24, an online retailer of traditional olive wood products. She now discusses how wooden cutting boards are more hygienic than those made of plastic.

Since 2013, olivewood24 has been providing customers with innovative and exotic-styled olive wood products and accessories. Offering product categories such as platters and bowls, cutting boards, mortars and pestles, accessories, cooking tools and more, the company makes it simple to own traditional olive wood items that are normally difficult to find in the US. President Sonja Vollmer, an olive wood enthusiast and German native, discusses the hygienic benefits of using olive wood cutting boards over their plastic counterparts.

Vollmer explains that olive wood has natural antibacterial properties which make them ideal for chopping food on them. The exact opposite can be said about plastic boards. While brand new plastic boards are non-porous and do not absorb bacteria, plastic surfaces can become “knife-scarred” which allows for food residue and bacteria to merge into those scars and live or even grow further.

“Plastic boards that have a choppy and scarred surface are very difficult to clean,” Vollmer said. “More often than not, using hot water and soap or throwing them in the dishwasher does not remove all the bacteria residing in the scarred areas. By contrast, olive wood has shown the ability to stop bacteria growth and even kill bacteria that is applied to its surface.” Vollmer added that both new and used wooden cutting boards are able to maintain this antibacterial ability equally well.

Dean O. Cliver, Ph.D of UC Davis, conducted a study in which bacteria known to produce different food poisoning were placed on cutting boards created from four different types of plastic and seven different species of trees. The study found that after only three minutes, the wooden boards had killed 99.9 percent of the bacteria on them, while the plastic boards did not kill any bacteria. When held overnight, bacteria on the plastic cutting boards actually increased, but scientists were unable to recover any bacteria from wooden boards that were treated the same way.

“Wooden cutting boards have been proven to kill bacteria,” Vollmer explains. “Olive wood is abrasion-resistant and extremely hard, as well as resistant to acids, mildew and moisture. It is also extremely difficult for olive wood to absorb odor or stains. All of these properties make olive wood ideal for any kitchen accessories, especially those you plan on using daily.”

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About olivewood24: With attention to detail and craftsmanship, olivewood24 offers only the very best olive wood products at the lowest possible prices, making it easy for anyone to own quality olive wood pieces.

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