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Note pad printing as a marketing technique

Posted Jul 14, 2014 by SaraBro
Although digital marketing has an immense importance in attracting new customers, print marketing is still useful, as well.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 14, 2014 -- Digital advertising is everywhere, on your TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, and any other mobile device you own. It manages to reach potential customers through commercials, digital banners, e-mails, mobile applications, pop-ups, and websites. But the Web or TV are not the only means of sending a marketing message.
Sometimes, even the most traditional marketing materials can prove highly effective. In this category, we can include brochures, note pads, printed newsletters, banners, standardised documents, postcards, and flyers. They are a common practice for many companies to promote their services or products.
And it is not only about printing companies that take the advantage of printing various marketing materials and imprint their company name and logo on the materials they sell; many other companies can order such materials, like forms, note pads, brochures or flyers, that would be personalised with their own name, logo, address, and any other details they want.
Note pad printing and NCR pad printing, for example, can be used to gain customers not only from external sources, but from the inside of your organisation, too. In general, companies that order note pads or NCR pads do this out of three main reasons: they need them for their employees, offer them to various business partners, or they sell them to their customers.
Companies that are interested in note pad printing and NCR pad printing and that want to sell this kind of stationery can order simple note pads and NCR pads, imprinted only with the design requested by their clients. However, these pieces of stationery can play an important role in marketing, therefore, it would be recommended resellers imprint their own company name and phone number on them, as well, if not on every page, at least on the front or back cover.
On the other hand, companies that order note pads, NCR pads, and other forms personalised with their name, logo and address, should think of a uniform marketing strategy and standardise their printed materials to match their digital ones. In other words, successful marketing cannot work unless the online campaign communicates the same thing as printed marketing materials.
For this, companies need to hire a marketing specialist or contract the services of a marketing firm that would create a uniform marketing strategy and use all the possible means, printed and digital, to transmit their message. Not only will this prove more effective in attracting new customers and maintaining the existing ones, but it will also improve company’s image.
Looking for personalised stationery for your company, to offer to your business partners, or to simply resell it? We can provide you with bespoke note pad printing , NCR pad printing , letterhead printing, booklet printing, allowing you to promote your company amidst your employees or partners, or make a profit, if you decide to just resell stationery. Visit our website to learn more about our services and products, and if you have any questions, send us a message or give us a call, and we will shortly provide you with an answer.
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Last Updated : Jul 14, 2014

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