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New Workout Supplement Puts Quality First

Posted Sep 15, 2014 by suleman
The distribution team at GSH Gold expects that the fitness supplement industry will be revolutionized once it hits the market in late October.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 15, 2014 -- The distribution team at GSH Gold expects that the fitness supplement industry will be revolutionized once it hits the market in late October. CEO Jeffrey Sutton had this to say about breaking into the workout supplement market, “The fitness supplement industry has been using whey proteins and amino blends for decades, this is just the next step. A quality L-glutathione complex like GSH Gold will fit right in, helping to maximize the benefits of the supplements they are already taking and offering a new level of energy production, cellular protection and tissue repair.”

Glutathione and Health

Glutathione has quickly become common-place in the health industry, revolutionizing how people approach total immune health and “one-a-day” supplements. It has not yet broken into the fitness world though. Sure many people are using whey proteins which can help promote glutathione levels, but not nearly to the extent that a top quality GSH complex can.

The fitness industry is buzzing about this new supplement because of the unique benefits it offers over any other supplements found in workout supplement shops.

GSH Gold Will Optimize and Energize Your Workouts

Some of the ingredients are recognizable to any fitness enthusiast who has looked into supplement optimization, CoQ10 and Acetyl L-Carnitine for example are synonymous with energy production. Beyond the incredible energy boosting benefits of GSH Gold, it focuses on the repair process that occurs after an intense workout. Helping to clean up the flood of free radicals brought on during intense exercise, and helping to repair the torn muscle tissue effectively and efficiently. This translates into reduced recovery times and bigger gains.

One thing that people will notice and appreciate is the emphasis GSH Gold places on quality. Mr. Sutton had this to say on the subject, “Our number one priority is quality, we want to offer consumers the best possible supplement we can.” When asked what they prioritize after quality he continued to speak about the affordability, “Affordability is important to us. Because we strictly use the top quality forms of our ingredients, it is quite costly. However we do everything we can to keep the end cost as low as possible for the consumer. After all, it won’t work if people can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter how great the formula is.”

GSH Gold will retail for about $45.00 USD per bottle, which is a one month supply. This puts it in the middle of the road as far as glutathione supplement cost, but in terms of value and quality, it is far and away the most affordable and complete GSH Complex on the market.

What’s Next for GSH Gold?

We asked what was next on the list for GSH Gold, Mr. Sutton explained that his main priority at the moment is finding reputable distributors to help increase customer exposure and really hit the ground running come launch day. With a few major distribution channels already in place, we expect GSH Gold to be the next big thing in health and workout supplements in no time.

Visit the GSH Gold website at for complete supplement details and contact information.

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