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New Company Works to Prevent Dryer Fires

Posted Jan 28, 2015 by ducksclea
Dryer Ducks of Spokane, WA Announces Free HD Video Inspections to Help Keep Homes Safe From Dryer Fires.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 28, 2015 -- Statistics suggest that there are approximately 15,600 dryer fires every year that result from neglecting to inspect and clean the dryer vent. One new company, Dryer Ducks, is working to keep those numbers down by performing free video inspections of dryer vents to help raise awareness to this simple yet extremely important step. "Every dryer comes with an owners' manual, and every manufacturer recommends that the dryer vent be inspected and cleaned at least every 12 months. We feel it is our mission to make every homeowner aware of the condition of their vent," said Dominic Longo, Owner

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Cleaning the dryer vent isn't something many people consider on a regular basis, but it's an essential process. Because dirty vents can create a real risk not only to the home but also to the appliance, regularly maintaining them is an absolute must.

"Dryer vents cause enormous lint buildup that most people don't even think about. The lint trap only captures about 60% of the lint going through the system. The other 40% gets trapped in the vent. Lint that is located just two inches away from the dryer's heater can ignite and create a house fire quickly, and our services are designed to keep that from happening," said Dominic Longo, Owner.

Fire prevention isn't the only benefit, though. A solid dryer vent cleaning can help to reduce energy costs and increase the longevity of the dryer as well. The benefits all add up to one thing - a much needed service call from Dryer Ducks.

A Very Different Process

Dryer Ducks' services aren't the only unique aspect of this company. Their entire process is completely different even from others in the industry. Once you've scheduled an appointment, you receive a pre-service email with both the name and photo of the professional who will be cleaning the ducts. On the day of the service, customers can watch live video that shows the ducts before they were cleaned and after. The customer also receives a post-service email of the footage thanks to the video recorder Dryer Ducks uses to help them make certain every inch of duct work is carefully cleaned. They even provide reminders for upcoming service dates.

"We work to provide our customers with the best possible service model," said Ricco Longo, Owner. "The video footage is usually really useful, because it's demonstrative of just how dirty those ducts can be."

Great Service = Happy Customers

Dryer Ducks doesn't have to go far to find customers spreading the story of their services.

Honestly, I thought this service was going to cost more. The staff at Dryer Ducks was very friendly. Just checking out the camera footage alone is worth it! Great service! Robert B. of North Spokane WA

Dryer Ducks makes one thing certain - dryer fires as a result of unaddressed lint buildup in the dryer ducts just aren't possible after their services. Contact Dryer Ducks today to set up an appointment.

About Dryer Ducks:

Dryer Ducks is the top dryer duct cleaning service in Spokane, Washington. Offering a unique process that includes video footage of the entire cleaning appointment, they're the way to ensure a safer dryer. Learn more at

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