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Nail Care after Fake Nails

Posted Jun 17, 2014 by johnybfre
Aren’t fake nails simply great? You can have the perfect manicure without too much effort and you can change its style any time you want!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jun 17, 2014 -- Aren’t fake nails simply great? You can have the perfect manicure without too much effort and you can change its style any time you want! However, there is a downside to everything. Nails that are covered by chemicals for too long get damaged sooner or later. You will need to follow a thorough routine and to use some good nail care products in order to help your natural nails be healthy again.

It is essential that you know how to take a good care of your nails, especially after you have exposed them to stressful factors, such as fake nails. Wearing fake nails allows you to change the style of your fingernails drastically, display beautiful models, have the long nails that you have always wanted and so on. It is great to wear these fashionable accessories, especially when you do not have enough time to go to the manicurist. However, they sure leave some marks on your natural nails!

The main reason why fake nails damage your natural nails is the fact that these use substances, such as the adhesives, which weaken the natural fingernail. They get more prone to splits and breaks and it can seem that it takes forever until the nails grow healthy again. The nails can even change their color if you wear fake nails for a long time. They will no longer be uniform and they can even turn yellow after a while. Of course, these changes are not irreversible, but it takes a long time until they get well without any help. Fortunately, there are some nail care tricks which can help your nails recover faster.

Apart from maintaining a proper nail care routine, by cleaning, moisturizing and trimming your nails, you should also look for some great nail care products. These will boost the resistance of your fingernails by supplying additional nutrients meant to fix the damaged tissue and prevent your nails from further problems. For example a polish can contain calcium and other minerals that make the nail stronger in time. Regular use of such polishes will make your nails beautiful and resistant once again.

Vitamin E cuticle cream should also be applied every day in order to nourish your nails as they grow. Moreover, a good treatment with vitamins can be used on a regular basis to help the nail recover faster, especially after you had fake nails. These treatments usually come in the shape of a cream rich in nutrients, which is applied directly on the nails. After that, the treatment is left for 30 to 60 minutes before it is removed. At the end, the remaining liquid should be massaged into the nails and cuticles. These nail care products should be used whenever it is required in order to have strong, healthy and smooth nails.

Koco Star Canada has created the perfect nail care treatment for your damaged nails! Their nail care products are designed to provide the perfect solution for weak, stressed nails, especially if you had fake nails recently!
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Last Updated : Jun 17, 2014

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