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Mobility scooters for disabled - A comfort in wheels

Posted Apr 6, 2015 by AldoMoore
If you like to shop online visit Better Life Mobility website and see complete medical scooter inventory

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 6, 2015 -- Like all human beings, disabled people too want to live a free life with self dignity. They do not want others’ pity and do not want to live with the stigma of being helplessness. Wheelchairs give them the feeling of helplessness. Mobility scooters on the other hand provide them with the desired freedom as they have control in their hands and their confidence also gets a boost.
Mobility scooters and its workings
Mobility scooters are a special vehicle aid for the people with disability. They run on battery that is charged via a charging point and have an adjustable seat over a number of wheels ranging from two to five. There is also a resting board for the feet and the power switches for driving it are all fitted in the steering column. The driving control is through a joystick and electrical switch board.
They are either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive; in the first the power drawn into the engine is through the front two wheels whereas in the second type, the rear wheels pull the scooter through. Rear drives are more powerful than front drives.
Wheels and accessories
Number of wheels decides the stability, speed and distance covered of the scooters. The minimum number of wheels is two and the maximum is five. Scooters with two wheels are portable scooters which can be used for indoor mobility and short outdoor distances. They are light weight and can be dismantled and carried around. They are not very stable in nature. Four or five wheel scooters are more stable and sturdy in nature. They are used for outdoor purposes and are compatible with roads and highways along with pavement driving.
The scooters compatible for the handicap people can be customised according to one’s wish. The seat can be elevated or lowered, for comfort extra cushions or padding are added to the seats. Head rests are fitted which supports and relaxes the head and the upper body. The battery life too can be upgraded and the switch board can be made easy and comfortable as per one’s hand access.
Advantages over a wheelchair
One of the most important advantages of riding a mobility scooter over wheelchairs is the feeling of being normal and not perceived as a helpless disabled person. They are easy to handle and do not need any external hand of help. These are lighter in weight than wheelchairs and can be easy turned and moved. Its battery operated mechanism is more effective and it is low in cost and maintenance.
Buy it online
With the increasing popularity of the internet, it is becoming easier to buy things online than to go to the shop. Almost all the major businesses dealing with mobility equipment have a website, try this for instance It is advisable for a customer to visit these sites and carry out a thorough research before going ahead for a purchase. The companies have qualified representatives that provide full demonstration and help in choosing the right equipment and accessories. Delivery of the Mobility scooters for Disabled can be arranged right at the home of the customer.
If you like to shop online visit Better Life Mobility website and see complete medical scooter inventory
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Last Updated : Apr 6, 2015

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