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Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Wheelchair Vans

Posted May 29, 2014 by tomjones
Buying wheelchair vans for the first time can be a daunting task. Learn more about the mistakes that need to be avoided while buying them.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 29, 2014 -- Cars have come a long way ever since they first forayed into the world. Today, there are automobiles not only for able bodied individuals, but also for those with handicaps. The wheelchair vans are vehicles that are specifically designed for those who are confined to the wheelchair. Almost all the leading automakers are coming up with designs that enable the people with this handicap to either drive or travel in comfort along with their friends and family. There is such an extensive variety in the industry today that choosing the right one can be challenging, especially for a first time buyer. Sometimes, they tend to purchase in haste and overlook certain aspects and commit mistakes that can lead to regrets later.

One of the mistakes to avoid is purchasing the wheelchair vans from retail outlets. In this digital era, the sites on the internet offer a lot more options than any retail outlet in the country. When you visit our site, you will see new and used vans from leading brands all under one roof. You need not have to sift through multiple websites or drive from one retail outlet to the other to find a van that lives up to your expectations. Since there are no cost-overheads involved, the cost of purchasing the vans from reputed online dealers is much lesser as compared to retail outlets.

The second mistake to avoid while purchasing wheelchair vans is taking a decision only based on cost. In most cases, people end up purchasing used vans to save money. However, if you have chosen one only because it was the least priced option, you may end up paying money hand over fist in terms of maintenance and repairs. Used cars are an ideal choice for people who do not use the vehicle frequently; but, if the person intends to use it on a regular basis to perform various tasks, it is advisable to spend a little more and purchase new vans that come with warranty and maintenance packages.

Overlooking the type of entrance is another mistake to avoid while purchasing wheelchair vans. Both rear entry and side entry vans are popular and they come with their own set of pros and cons. Side entrance vans are recommended in case the wheelchair bound individual intends to drive and the rear entrance vans are advisable in case the person only intends to travel as a passenger. When you visit our site, you will see numerous options listed under each category.

Another common mistake to avoid is not considering the type of ramps while choosing wheelchair vans. The type of ramp plays a critical role in determining the comfort of the driver and the passengers in the van. Though the vans with fold-up ramps may seem appealing due to lower prices, be prepared for a certain level of discomfort, especially for passengers since they do not fold into the floor. The vans with in-floors ramps do not pose any discomfort, but they do cost a lot more. When you visit our site, you will be able to see vans with both types of ramps to make a better choice.

Do you want to buy the best wheelchair vans at competitive prices? Please visit our site and select from a range of options ideal for any budget.
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Last Updated : May 29, 2014

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