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Minivans Hand Controls – Important technicalities

Posted Nov 20, 2014 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 20, 2014 -- Minivans Hand Controls – Important technicalities
Minivans are easy to use and park and allow quick transfers from the driver seat. These have reasonable gas mileage. Following are the types of minivans available:
 Side entry minivans are generally for wheelchair drivers who intend to drive themselves.
 Rear entry minivans are commonly used by the caregivers of the physically disabled person.
 Full size vans are roomy vehicles, which are used by multiple wheelchair users.
Hand controls for wheelchair minivans
Hand controls for wheelchair minivans allow physically disabled drivers to drive freely and independently. Such systems are helpful to drivers with physical disorders like amputees, stroke survivors, and wheelchair users and many others.
Hand controls are available in so many frameworks to suit every disability needs. They can be paired with all your steering wheel options. Hand controls can be affixed on the pedals and placed below the steering wheel thereby allowing the driver to operate the brake and accelerator using levers. Also, the levers don’t hinder the standard driver.
There are also secondary hand controls available for wheelchair minivans in addition to the primary ones. These are used to operate the gear shifts, windshield wipers and blinkers.
Types of hand controls:
 Push/ pull hand control: This type of control requires maximum arm strength. The control operates by pushing and pulling for brake and accelerator respectively. This type of control is the easiest to operate.
 Push/ twist hand control: These controls are similar to the ones in motorcycle. In order to accelerate, driver has to twist the handle and push the control lever for brake.
 Push/ right hand control: these controls are less tiring than push/ pull. Push the handle to the up to operate the brake and pull it downwards for accelerating.
 Push/ rock hand control: Rock back the control to accelerate and push forward to apply the brake.
Steering aids for wheelchair drivers
There are many types of steering aids that requires minimum effort by the wheelchair drivers.
 Low effort steering: Not much arm strength is needed while steering as it reduces the strength needed by 40 percent.
 Zero effort steering: Works great for people with no finger dexterity.
 Horizontal steering column: These are for those who face problem in using conventional steering wheel.
 Foot steering controls: These controls transmit hand control to foot operation.
 Steering spinners: These are for those drivers who steer with one hand. These come in various configurations like v-grip, tri-pin, amputee ring, and knob.
 Steering forks: These are for drivers with poor grip function. These support hand to get the maximum grip of the steering wheel.
 One hand control system: it is designed for drivers with limited use of lower extremities. Drivers are required to use their hand to operate the knob which is the main component of this control system.
 Steering column extensions: These take the steering wheel closer by 2” to 6” to the driver. It offers sufficient space for the legs and makes up for the reduced range of movement.
Visit and choose state of the art disabled controls by Guidosimpalex Italian maker. Check prices at this website .
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