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Mini Calla Lilies

Posted Oct 6, 2014 by jackflower
Mini calla lilies are a popular choice for weddings because of their symbolic meaning.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 6, 2014 -- Mini calla lilies are a popular choice for weddings because of their symbolic meaning. Their explosive colors and the wide variety of styles of these flowers is one of their best advantages. They can be perfect for any season, any setting and any type of event. However, they will always be the perfect flowers for a traditional wedding. These flowers represent purity, marital commitment and romance.
When the wedding day is getting closer and closer, the final details, like choosing the flower bouquet, must already be set. Brides spend days trying to find the perfect outfit and the bouquet should be a perfect match to it. One of the most popular choices in terms of flowers for wedding bouquets will always be the calla lilies and their very close sisters: the mini calla lilies. And there is no wonder they have been chosen to represent romance and purity. These elegant flowers with ivory white petals are not only some pretty flowers to place in a vase. They are much more, when you think about what they represent.
The first records of these flowers date back to the beginning of the 18th century. They are not lilies, in spite of what their name says. They are members of the Araceae family, which has nothing to do with callas either, in fact. The reason why the name seems to be so wrong is because the original biologist who first discovered these flowers made a mistake when naming the species. The flowers originate from South Africa and they are very resistant. They can grow in water and survive frost.
The name of the calla lilies and mini calla lilies comes from Greek and its significance is beauty. The significance of the calla lilies dates back from the Victorian era, when people used to send flowers as messages. There was no need to write any word because every type of flower had a special meaning. Calla lilies were often associated with religious symbols and it was believed that it played a role in Christ’s resurrection. For this reason, these flowers were taken as a symbol of purity and holiness. Besides that, they are also symbols of youth and regeneration because they are spring flowers.
Mini calla lilies are traditional flowers for weddings and they can be spotted mostly at these kinds of events. They are associated with devotion and marital bliss. The color white is the traditional color for calla lilies. However, there are many other kinds of colors and types of calla lilies nowadays, including pink, yellow, orange or purple. These varieties are actually for the mini calla lilies and each of them has a different meaning. For example, purple is associated with royalty, while yellow is a symbol of gratitude. There are also black calla lilies, which will always bring a note of elegance and mystery.
If you are planning your future wedding and you would like to go for the traditional mini calla lilies , you can visit choose the perfect bouquets for a gorgeous décor.
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