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Mechanical Hand Controlling Options

Posted Mar 4, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 4, 2015 -- Use of a mechanical controller
Mechanical controller helps to generate power and manage it to perform a task which is usually a movement or a force. Mechanical system is usually a tool with sensors to perform a goal when a signal is provided to it.
Various mechanical hand controlling options available in the market
There are a number of companies offering wide range of mechanical hand controlling options for different types of disabled drivers. Better Life Mobility is one of them, offering famous Italian maker – Guidosimplex.
Pull and push hand control option
This is one of the most common and widely used mechanical hand controlling options available for drivers who have lower limb weakness and even for senior people who do not have too much strength in their legs. In this option, a lever is replaced with pedals for accelerator and brake. The drivers have the comfort to drive the vehicle safely by just pulling and pushing the lever to control the power and speed of the vehicle and also help the vehicle to come to a halt.
Floor mounted hand control option
In a floor mounted hand control technique, a lever is placed beside the driver’s seat adjacent to the thigh. With this option, the driver can operate the lever by simply using the hand to push and pull it for accessing the brake and accelerator in the vehicle. This controlling technique can be used by drivers who have limb disability or who do not have too much strength in their legs to operate them with their feet. Drivers can manually control the speed of their vehicle and can also bring the vehicle to a standstill.
Radial hand controlling option
There are people who do not have strength in their feet and also they would not be able to grip the handle of the lever. For such users, a new technological invention is made so that they can also drive the vehicle safely. The new invention is called radial hand control, which is placed below the steering wheel. Instead of the levers, the radial stick is moved on to accelerate the vehicle. With this option, people do not suffer the problem with their shoulders in spite of long hours of driving.
Other secondary adaption to make driving safe
1. Since the left hand get engaged in operating the lever or the radius, both the hands cannot be used to operate the steering, therefore we have the option of a steering ball.
2. Indicator, wiper control, headlight, pass light, and other secondary controls become difficult to operate as one hand get engaged in operating the steering wheel and one get engaged in operating the accelerator and brake. So these controls can be placed on a floor mounted structure.

There are companies who train people on how to fit the various controlling techniques in the vehicle without provided any discomfort to the driver while driving the vehicles. They attach these equipments in such a manner that they stay intact and even conventional drivers can drive in comfort.
Like stated above visit and find hand controls for disabled driver that will meet all your standards. For detailed info please click here
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Last Updated : Mar 4, 2015

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