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Make Learning Fun with Chinese Tutors

Posted May 11, 2014 by MyChineseTutor
This online teaching school not only teaches you properly, but also keeps in mind that you pronounce the words in a correct way.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 11, 2014 -- Education is a mandatory habit that should be adopted by everyone. The vast field of learning never ends and in fact it is growing large day by day. Students are getting a huge opening to decide their future career. You will get courses to build up your interest in every sphere. Every person’s interest is different and to find the desired platform that will match their interest, there are many openings. We get into a proper flow to complete our learning and to get the perfect set up this flow is very important in every one’s life. The most easiest and efficient way to learn Chinese is through My Chinese Tutor. This online teaching school not only teaches you properly, but also keeps in mind that you pronounce the words in a correct way.

There are about five tutors who devotes in an average of 45 minute class dealing with various categories like survival Chinese, business Chinese, conversational Chinese, primary schools and secondary schools. These Chinese lessons are designed to provide practical travel vocabulary and a foundation for basic conversational skills through simple listening and repeat format. The sounds will be new to you so you are told to hold your patience level so that you do not get frustrated and at the initial level, the pronunciations are going to be difficult. Saying them might be a challenge in the beginning. The secondary school offering involves twice weekly 50nminutes lessons via interactive whiteboard or Polycom system, we provide worksheets for the classes and flashcards to hand around the classroom. Our programs take students from 7 to 10 years and align with Australian Curriculum.

The lessons of my Chinese tutors are divided into many categories. If you are planning for a trip to chine foe a vacation, then Survival Chinese is the most preferred course in this sort of a situation. This course takes you to five topics that are Greetings, Ordering, Food, Travelling, Shopping, Booking and Reservations so that it becomes easier for a non-Chinese to survive for the fittest. On the other hand, Business Chinese comprises of Business beginner Chinese to Business Advanced Chinese which teaches the students how to engage in China in business settings. Conversational Chinese helps you to converse in Chinese with any Chinese counterpart.

For those people seeking for this genre is the ideal course. You may bring your own material or you may just have a general conversation about any topic and our tutor will help you through the conversation and will work on your pronunciation and using common Chinese saying. The primary school offering is very popular in the Australian schools which involve a weekly 25 minute lesson via your interactive white board or Polycom system. Worksheets for the classes and flashcards are provided to hang around the classroom. The program takes the students from Prep to Grade 6 and aligns with the Australian Curriculum. Learn more about the services offered at My Chinese Tutor at:
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Last Updated : May 11, 2014

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