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Lushhh give London escorts services a new Perspective

Posted Jul 8, 2014 by chrishrs20
Lushhh is changing the face of escort services in Greater London with their innovative new platform.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 8, 2014 -- There is no dispute that London has its generous share of escort companies, however, it seems to be moving into a different direction. Recently a specific agency called Lushhh made its way into the London scene with a website that calls for more than just a little attention. The unique design and presentation has caused an enormous amount of interest beyond the streets of London and apparently the booking section is working overtime in order to accommodate all the customers.

According to the founders of Lushhh Escorts, it's all about creating a new image instead of playing into the current reputation. They are very pleased with the sophistication of the site and base a big part of their success on how they approached the launch, "There is no reason why being an escort shouldn't be regarded as a respectable job, and this is exactly what we accomplished with the site".

Thanks to the media and ever popular growing trends such as open relationships, it was only a matter of time before being an escort would start to be regarded as a true profession. The tunnel vision that used to exist around these specific agencies typically lingered around negative issues, but with the fresh look Lushhh has given the world, London will probably never be the same. More importantly, an increasing number of women are considering a career change and are looking into becoming an escort.

One of the popular ladies who works at Lushhh, only known as Ivanka, said that working as a Lushhh escort in London is simply divine. She is not ashamed to admit that the wages in terms of "everyday" jobs was unfair to say the least. Now she is financially secure and she has much more time for herself. "If I have to be honest, the idea seemed a little strange, but after I started it was the most natural thing in the world. I did what I did best, which is to be a woman. Lushhh manages to attract quality clients who expect me to be sophisticated and charming, not just sensual."

Ivanka also prides herself in helping a lot of people. She outlines the fact that many of the men who contact Lushhh aren't necessarily married. More often than not men who have difficulty approaching women or who are simply just lonely make use of these sophisticated London escorts. "I feel good knowing that I made someone feel special and hopefully gave them more self-confidence in the process. How many jobs are able to provide the same feeling?"

The Lushhh founders made it a priority to present a different side to sex. They focused on making it user friendly while keeping it classy. Scanning the beautiful London escorts is relatively easy along with quick and easy booking options. "We firmly believe that Lushhh greatly contributes to the economy of the UK and we have no problem making it public. The women who work with us are always within a safe environment and treated with respect, which is also how we expect our clients to be. For this reason we chose to make the website as classy as possible, so there won't be any confusion." Visit for more.
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Last Updated : Jul 8, 2014

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