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Lean How to Use Painting Techniques Wisely

Posted Nov 10, 2014 by tomjones
Oil painting techniques have come a long way and if you would like to extend your knowledge in this field you should start by becoming familiar with the most popular techniques

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 10, 2014 -- Oil painting techniques have come a long way and if you would like to extend your knowledge in this field you should start by becoming familiar with the most popular techniques. There are various oils that you can use for oil painting such as linseed oil, poppyseed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. These oils have different drying times and they provide different results, allowing the painter to manipulate the final painting. If you would like to unleash your creativity and develop your own style you will find oil painting tutorial very useful.

The supplies you use for your oil painting are just as important as the painting techniques you will acquire and learn to master. We will outline some of the most popular techniques and let you decide which ones suit your painting style or which you find easier. The blocking color technique involves following the outlines of an object with diluted brush strokes. This enables you to easily define the edges of an object without having to use thick paint. The instant background technique is used for sketching or drawing the base color for an instant background.

Next, there is transparency, which refers to showing the transparency of an object in the painting. Many painters prefer using layers that allow the artist to cover the paint layers as long as they dry. This method enables painters to use multiple layers, to start with the thinner ones and to make their way toward thicker ones. If you would like to intensify colors you can create contrast by diluting the paint to various stages. When using this method you should leave the background color for last. You can also use a method that contrasts colors and allows you to create a three-dimensional feeling.

The use of white paint is one of the popular painting techniques used to add volume and relief by emphasizing white tones. In the oil painting tutorial you will also learn about chiaroscuro. This is a very old painting technique used mostly to bring volume to an object. It creates black shadows and it works best with neutral background colors. Charcoal lines are used to reinforce the shape of an object and give it a dimension, while saturated color adds form and volume. You can also experiment with the brush stroke size where you have to use brushes of different sizes to define and differentiate planes, masses, objects, etc.

Paint mixture irregularities technique adds a textual effect to the painting, foliage is used to represent leaves and pointillism is suitable to achieve an impressionist look. We should not forget about informal brush strokes that do not follow any patterns, nonrepresentational brush strokes, soft texture, transparent glass, metal, monochromatic, cool colors, complementary colors, skin and landscape shadows. There is so much to learn about painting but the good news is that the information is available to you and you can make the most of it.
We are pleased to offer painters the guidance they need and to present a very useful oil painting tutorial . Visit our website for more information on painting techniques .
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