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Know more about psychological disorders

Posted Mar 8, 2015 by sarahcoolen
Psychological disorders have a great impact on a person’s life, creating distress and behavioural changes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 8, 2015 -- Psychological disorders have a great impact on a person’s life, creating distress and behavioural changes. They are also known as mental disorders and they can affect a wide majority of people. There are many types of disorders that can be classified and some of the major ones include anxiety, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, trauma, and personality disorder, somatic and such. Depression is a common encountered disorder as well and it seems that it occurs more often than ever. It has many names, but they all refer to the same feelings: sadness, hopelessness, feeling depressed, lack of energy and feeling no pleasure and joy.
Depending on the type of mental disorder a person suffers from, the symptoms can be either mild or severe. Once untreated, the person will have difficulties coping with life in general, with daily activities and routines that the rest of the people find natural. Unfortunately, the exact causes that lead to psychological disorders are not known, but many studies have revealed that many factors contribute, such as genetics, environmental and biological factors. Treatment is often required and it is not always enough for a person to have will or to be disciplined. It depends on each case, as often even those depressed have to seek specialised help.
Psychological disorders can run in the family, although that does not necessarily mean that a person will have a condition if their parent or sibling has, just that they are more likely to develop it. Experts have conducted many studies and they have found out that there are multiple genes linked to mental conditions. Once these genes interact, and along with other factors, such as environmental aspects or trauma, the disorder appears. Certain stressors can actually trigger disorders, as there are many life changing situations. Take for example divorces or death of someone dear, sexual abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, even changing jobs, stressful family life and such.
A person can easily start feeling depressed and once the symptoms keep showing up or continue for more than a couple of days, the disorder should not be overlooked or treated like it is insignificant. Depression can be highly severe and lead to serious consequences. By getting support and specialised help from a therapist, things can get better and the disease can be controlled. This can happen with many other psychological disorders, but it takes someone specialised to diagnose and to find the right treatment. The most important thing is to know that you are not alone and solutions exist.
Mental disorders affect people’s lives in many ways, depending on the type of disorder they suffer from. Some can easily get depressed, while others can have episodes, have obsessions and compulsions, become paranoid, antisocial, and anxious, have phobias and more. Each disorders has certain symptoms and characteristics and knowing more about them is important to better understand what a person is confronting with. It can help with recovery and offering support whenever is required.

If you tend to feel depressed ( ) most of the times, you can find useful materials right here. Without question, psychological disorders ( ) need to be treated seriously.
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