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Know more about bipolar disorder

Posted Mar 8, 2015 by sarahcoolen
Bipolar disorder is an illness and it can affect people of all ages. Among the most common causes are unusual mood shifts and energy levels and how a person deals with daily tasks.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 8, 2015 -- Bipolar disorder is an illness and it can affect people of all ages. Among the most common causes are unusual mood shifts and energy levels and how a person deals with daily tasks. The symptoms can be highly severe, starting from usual mood swings that every person encounters at one point in life and even up to suicide and the inability to adapt at work, school, in relationships and such. The good news is that this disorder has a treatment and people that suffer from it can lead normal and happy lives.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a sure cause for bipolar disorder. Specialists have conducted many studies and it seems causes are multiple, which can lead to the appearance of the disorder in the first place or they can increase the risk. As it happens with many diseases, genetics have an important role, meaning the disorder can run in the family. Those that have a sibling or a parent with the disorder are more likely to develop it than those who don’t have such a family history. Besides genetics, it seems that environmental factors contribute in a high manner as well. The worst part is that the disorder can lead to suicide.
It is a known fact that depression is highly dangerous and if it isn’t treated, people can end up in the worst situations. Scientists are also looking into depression, since the symptoms are similar with bipolar disorder. Those who suffer from this condition experience the so called “mood episodes”, meaning an intense change in a person’s behaviour. A person can feel highly energetic and excited, while in a short period of time they can move to being depressed and feeling hopeless. Those who have to face the disorder can become irritable at times.
A depressive episode is characterised by suicide attempts and thinking about death quite a lot, feeling tired all the time and with no abilities to focus or to take decisions and simply losing interest in activities that once brought joy. On the other hand, a maniac episode has opposite symptoms, such as having a lot of energy and talking fast, feeling no need to sleep, being highly impulsive and easily distracted, getting from one idea to another, but in the same time being highly irritable. Some people suffering from bipolar disorder can easily experience the two states.
Doctors can diagnose the disorder by using various guidelines and in most cases, the symptoms have to be major and a person has to experience changes in their behaviour. A definite cure does not exist yet, but there are ways in which the disorder can be treated effectively. Many people were helped using various treatments, even those who went through suicide attempts. They can gain control over their situation and their mood swings. By discussing with a doctor and by combining psychotherapy with medication, the treatment can be maintained better. It is important to be able to discuss openly about concerns, plans, and choices.

It is important to obtain proper support when dealing with bipolar disorder ( ) . Thinking or attempting suicide ( ) is never the answer.
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