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Know about partial discharge monitoring

Posted Apr 14, 2014 by gailblack
Knowing more about a specific term, situation or element is always recommended, as then you will be better prepared to face it, to monitor it and to find solutions as well.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 14, 2014 -- Knowing more about a specific term, situation or element is always recommended, as then you will be better prepared to face it, to monitor it and to find solutions as well. Partial discharge monitoring consists of an online predictive test used for maintenance of generator and motors. There are many benefits that come from implementing such a solution, especially when it comes to analyzing the equipment better and for making a realistic diagnose while the production is running. Afterwards, it is easier for individuals to implement solutions and corrective measures. Companies and institutions that rely on such electrical systems will not have to face downtime and unpleasant situations that can cause losing time and money. Understanding the theory behind partial discharge will help better at knowing how to manipulate and how to detect deterioration and potential causes and effects.
Many plants have already implemented partial discharge monitoring tools or are looking forward to do it, especially after learning about the benefits they can bring. Every individual wants performance at a highest level and no downtime, but these can be achieved only by using the right solutions, since electrical equipment can pose certain difficulties and errors from time to time. Analyzing partial discharge involves a lot of procedures, such as reviewing materials, electric fields, interpreting data, overlooking the pulse wave propagation and a lot more. From the first moments you can tell that an engineer might not have the available time to go through all aspects.
In essence, partial discharge has been used mainly for maintenance and for predicting causes and effects. By taking the right measurements and by choosing a partial discharge monitoring solution, many issues can be identified and advanced software solutions can help plants and engineers come with more effective solutions. For example, background noise can be detected, equipment failure can be identified as well and more. It all depends on what motors and generators are being used, their voltage and the solution chosen. Once critical problems are spotted in time, it will cost the plant less money to invest in spare parts and in repairing equipment.
Attention could be redirected to equipment that is not working properly, thus better maintenance can be done. Failure can be prevented with partial discharge monitoring, especially since time can be saved, as the probable causes are known from the start. However, solutions for electrical power machines and apparatus can even provide communication means and control capabilities. It is all about where you look and the providers you choose to collaborate with. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to go with what is best for your plant and your company.
When it comes to finding such a provider, it is never a bad idea to look online, as nowadays you can find out so much more about a specific company, its experience in the field, what products and services they offer, you can read reviews and get a list with prices or quotes. Getting a list with features and capabilities offered for certain solutions can help at taking the final decision.
Do you want to implement one of the best partial discharge monitoring solutions on the market these days? You have found the right place, since partial discharge can cause serious problems sooner or later.
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Last Updated : Apr 14, 2014

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