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Italian furniture design

Posted Jan 15, 2014 by tedmark
Italian furniture design is a form of design characteristic to Italy. This country is known as a trendsetter in terms of automobiles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 15, 2014 -- Italy is a country in Southern Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and France. Although it is not the most populous country in the world, nor the largest, Italy has always been at the forefront of style and impressive design ideas.

The Italian influence is seen in urban design, fashion design and interior design in various countries throughout the whole world. Let us not forget that Italy was the birthplace of the Roman Empire that expanded to Asia and Western Europe, from Persia to Britain.

Italian furniture design combines high-quality materials and impressive craftsmanship. Generally, it is easy, even for an ignorant to recognize an Italian piece of furniture, because it is sumptuous, sophisticated, beautifully adorned and crafted.

Italian furniture design is represented by massive wooden structures, veneers, herringbone edges, floral patterns, high-end upholstery, and classic colors. However, the more modern Italian furniture features a smaller size and vibrant colors.

An example of such modern type of Italian furniture is proudly represented by the company manufacturing the Visionnaire furniture, armchairs, sofas, and beds, to be precise. This company was created to satisfy the taste of a demanding clientele and to show the world that luxury can come at an affordable price, too.

The Visionnaire furniture has revolutionized the furniture industry, since the company’s birth, in 1959. The company decided to focus on designing and manufacturing armchairs, sofas and beds. Visionnaire represents the transformation of the mysterious spirit of wood, metal or textile into a complex and sophisticated piece of furniture.

Featuring the fascination of a glamorous night sky, the perfection of a plain surface and the realism of today's world, the Visionnaire products manage to amaze every single customer, bringing light and dreams into their lives.

Modern Italian furniture, although not that large in size as the classic type of furniture created in Italy, preserves the old majesty, having lines that showcase an extraordinary level of artistry. Whether it is about a beautifully adorned structure or a sleek texture, you simply cannot be other than amazed.

Italian furniture can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers and resellers. To be certain you buy a furniture that was 100% "made in Italy", enter Italian online shops or visit Italian brick-and-mortar stores. Choose the innovations and design ideas carefully brought to life by world renowned Italian furniture designers and you will never be out of style.

Italian furniture can be used to decorate homes, as well as offices, being elegant and refined, or modern and full of contrasts, just as you want it. Italian furniture is a popular choice for individuals and companies from around the world, because it boasts an original design, notable features, and simple, yet effective, decorations.

Materials ranging from wood to iron, textures designed to highlight flexibility or, on the contrary, rigidity, modern or traditional elements of design, this and many other features can be encountered in our online store, from where we deliver the best Italian furniture to all Europe. If you are interested in an exquisite Italian furniture design , visit our store and choose your favorite from the range of pieces of Visionnaire furniture .
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