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Install malware removal software to navigate the web safely

Posted Jan 8, 2015 by benanderson
How often do you perform a PC tune-up? Just like people, computer can get infected with viruses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 8, 2015 -- How often do you perform a PC tune-up? Just like people, computer can get infected with viruses, which are nothing more than malicious applications designed to affect your computer’s functionality and to steal data. These viruses are usually found online, but they may also be present on certain storage devices and in all sorts of programs which can be downloaded from the web. Take all the preventive measures necessary to keep your computer and information safe: install malware removal software on your PC.

What are the signs which indicate that your computer has been infected with malware? The most commons ‘symptoms’ include: unexpected and unjustified error messages, your PC’s slow response to your commands, the complete shut-down of the system for no apparent reasons, the loss of certain files, unusual behavior of some programs, the appearance of new buttons or toolbars in your internet browser etc. When malware attacks the PC, it usually does this unnoticed. Some programs, such as Trojan Horses, are well hidden in what seem like utilities, but in fact are malicious applications created by hackers. If you don’t have a malware removal tool installed in your PC, your computer can quickly start giving you trouble. In the most severe cases, you may need to make extensive repairs to your PC. We cannot emphasize enough the necessity of performing a PC tune-up on a regular schedule. For the best result and, implicitly, the best protection, you should perform a PC tune-up on a weekly or even daily basis. PC tune-up s
essions will help you have control over all the information downloaded on your system.

Malware attacks usually happen when you access unauthorized sites, or when you open e-mails with suspicious content. Before connecting to the internet, it’s important to activate your malware removal tool and to check the notification box for new updates. Hackers are always designing new and more aggressive applications, which can easily infiltrate systems which don’t recognize these new threats. Therefore, checking your malware removal software’s notification box will strengthen your protection. However, no protection is ever going to be good enough if you don’t change your internet behavior: you should be more careful with the websites you choose to access and what mail you open. For instance, if you don’t recognize the person who’s sent you an e-mail, it’s best to avoid opening it. Also, don’t access links in these mails as these are most likely some sort of malware. Once infected, it may be difficult to get rid of the malware. An additional preventive measure is to not register your e-mail on many websites, on forums or unsecured groups. Hackers are known to steal e-mail address for profit – they create databases of these addresses, which they later sell to various companies for profit. This is how spam multiplies in your mail-box.

Being cautious is always a good course of action when accessing the web. The better you protect your computer, the safer you’ll be able to navigate the internet, and your PC’s performance will increase.

Resource box: Are you suspecting your PC is infected with malware? Activate this malware removal tool and perform a PC tune-up to remove all harmful applications.
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Last Updated : Jan 8, 2015

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