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Improve your self-esteem

Posted Feb 6, 2015 by jackflower
People are often confused about self-esteem and how to improve it, they can’t figure out what it means to have it.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 6, 2015 -- People are often confused about self-esteem and how to improve it, they can’t figure out what it means to have it. Some think that it is related to how a person looks or how popular he/she is, how many friends they have, accomplishments and such. It is actually related to how much you appreciate yourself, how you embrace your flaws, your characteristics and everything that defines you. Unfortunately, too much emphasis is put on materialism, when we should appreciate more what we have and focus more on healthy relationships.
Making a self-esteem inventory list can actually help you start acknowledging what you already have and what you can improve. For example, you can write down two lists with strengths and weaknesses and try to put as many as you can possibly think of. Most people fail because they think only important or big strength points should be mentioned, but don’t overlook any detail. In case you have trouble coming up with some, just think of how others see you and what compliments or remarks you have obtained recently. You might overlook their importance and you shouldn’t, because these define you.
Over time, you can work on your weaknesses and once you see your strength points, you will appreciate yourself more, embracing your qualities. Insecurity sometimes leads to low self-esteem, as many people underestimate their capabilities. It is important not to overlook why you have become who you are and what factors influence you. Keep into account that healthy relationships will evolve as long as you commit and you trust your instincts and yourself. There is no point in feeling insecure, as you can damage others and most importantly, yourself.
It is time to put an end to negative thinking and unrealistic expectations. Your self-esteem can suffer if you always care about what others think or say and if you set up great goals that are hard to meet. Preferably, start small and you will see how things change and how you will get to feel better about yourself. Once you are more confident and positive, others will see you like that and you will be more appreciated and acknowledged. There is no point in wasting valuable time and energy in focusing on wrong aspects. Healthy relationships start with the idea of having trust and working together. No one is perfect, although some people like to give that impression just to make others feel bad about themselves. Don’t let illusions affect you and start embracing your mistakes, your flaws, your accomplishments and everything that defines you as a person. You can learn something from every aspect in your life and anything that happens to you, but what matters is how you deal with insecurities and little problems. Comparing yourself with others is not the solution; you need to compete only with yourself, as you don’t know what happens in other people’s lives. Healthy relationships are possible when you feel secure and confident enough.
You can always work on your self-esteem to feel good in your own skin. By accepting others and their flaws, you can finally enjoy healthy relationships
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Issued By : jack flower
Country : American Samoa
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Last Updated : Feb 6, 2015

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