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Ikasido Global Group B.V. makes steady progress in international horticulture business

Posted Nov 21, 2013 by Ikasido
The headily growing international seed company Ikasido Global Group B.V. sets out to perform all the efforts required for developing the world's horticulture sector and supplying its costumers all over the globe with high-end plant genetic materials

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 21, 2013 -- The new international seed company with headquarters in Westland, the Netherlands, has recently been founded. Ikasido Global Group is led by Peter van Zeijl, previously the Managing Director of Sakata Holland B.V.. Mr. Van Zeijl has over 20 years of expertise in international seed business.
The main goal of Ikasido Global Group B.V. is to create a network of independent breeders and breeding companies throughout the world to provide them with a platform for marketing and distribution of their genetics. This way Ikasido Global Group will offer a wide range of genetics of flowers, vegetables and bedding plants for open-field and greenhouse cultures.
Ikasido Global has lately acquired the global distribution rights of Kitano Seeds and on account of this event the top selection of the company's product range is now available in the market under the Kitano Seeds brand name.
Ikasido Global Group has also lately taken on a major share in the entrepreneurial activities of BSD Ukraine, a seed distributor that deals in high-quality flower and vegetable seeds in Ukraine.
The innovative development company that operates in the field of breeding, selection, screening and marketing of genetic material of flowers, plants, trees, bulbs and vegetables. Ikasido Global Group tends to bring to the world market the best natural qualities which can be cultivated in different regions and under various environmental circumstances. We offer goods that are originated with esteem to the planet and its inhabitants and can allow everyone to be delighted of nature's beauty and excellent redolence at reasonable prices.
Healthy food - useful and nutritious vegetables are the integral attributes of people’s healthy living.
Seeds become vegetables, vegetables become food, food satiates, reconditions, fills with energy, allows humankind to live, work, create, and evolve.
Seeds become flowers, flowers grow and bring joy and aesthetic pleasure along with positive emotions to people all over the globe, make life gladder and happier.
Cosmopolitanism of IKASIDO makes its inestimable contribution to global sustainable development.
Customers from all over the world benefit and enjoy our production day by day.
Healthy and happy nation today - is a factor of stable development of future generations.
We work for the good of all the mankind and we perfect ourselves day after day, we perfect our products in conformity with the world’s progress and new scientific developments.
The home of the Ikasido's headquarters is Westland, a world-famous region in The Netherlands which is regarded both as the central point of the Dutch horticulture as well as the significant birthplace for many modern developments in horticulture field. The credo of Westland “Where nature meets innovation” perfectly describes its essence.
“Colourful, Innovation, Quality, and Reliability” is the key phrase of Ikasido Global Group.
Trade aspect display the world’s economic growth in agricultural sector.
IKASIDO cares for preserving the Earth ecologically clean and for reasonable use of its resources.
So, our main priorities are:
to improve the nation’s health;
to care for the planet;
to ensure people’s economical prosperity;
to enrich the life with beauty and fill it with value.
In Ikasido Global we believe that these noble goals are worth living and working.
Contact information:
’s-Gravenzandseweg 46
2291 PE Wateringen
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 174 200 090
Mobile: +31 651 218 880
Fax: + 31 842 266 463
E-mail: [email protected]
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Last Updated : Nov 21, 2013

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