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Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Backrxspinecare
THE HUMAN SPINE The spine is the foundation of the entire body. It is responsible for almost every movement that you make: you walk not just with your legs, but with your entire back, and you reach for, hold, lift, carry things not just with your arms, b

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 30, 2015 -- The human spine together with its muscles, ligaments is a vertical shock absorber with curvatures to provide for the necessary resilience. The spine must be firm enough to support your body vertically against gravity & yet flexible enough to do a whole variety of complex actions like bending, twisting, reaching, lifting.


● Age: 30-50
● More common in women: stresses on the spine pre & post child birth
● Poor posture
● Poor physical fitness
● Lifting heavy weights
● Sedentary jobs with long hours of sitting
● Bending/twisting for long periods at work- Surgeons, Dentists etc
● Driving long distances
● Jobs that require being on the feet for long hours- sales executives, hospital staff etc


Improving your Posture: The ideal posture for you is one in which your back is put under the least strain & in which you retain the natural curvatures of the spine. You could use an Ergonomic Office Chair or a Seat Lumbar Support to help you maintain this posture. Your physical therapist can help you to learn correct back posture for you.

Exercise: An active lifestyle significantly reduces chances of back pain. Swimming & walking are excellent exercises for the spine. Yoga & Pilates focus on specific movements that help to increase strength-flexibility & create long lasting body awareness.

Orthotics: If you have flat or pronated feet your back can take stresses because your feet are not adequately supported. It is very important to get Insoles for your shoes & your back may feel brand new- with just this one correction.

Ergonomics at the workstation: Use tools like a well designed Ergonomic Office Chair, keyboard tray, laptop stand to make your workstation- minimal risk. We spend a large part of our day in this space & so assessing your workstation for 'how ergonomic it is'- is critical!

Rehabilitation & Lower back pain remedies: If you have symptoms do not think 'a little back pain is normal'. Effective lower back pain remedies include Physical Therapy, Acupuncture & Massage.
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