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How to Maintain Natural Gas Heater

Posted Sep 24, 2014 by AldoMoore
Abide by the instructions; your natural gas heater would keep you warm during winter for a lifetime. Check latest models and prices at Heater Store TODAY!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 24, 2014 -- Statistics reveals that the price of natural gas becomes the highest during winter. It happens because your heater works 24-7 during this time. But, you should understand that regular maintenance would help you save great in your fuel cost. The tips given below would help you greatly if you are someone who loves to do things on your own.

1. Clean the vents at regular intervals
The vents of your natural gas heater may get dirty with prolonged usage. Take care to clean it at an interval of 3-4 months. Dust obstructs the flow of air forcing the equipment to use more energy to warm your room. You can use a dust-cloth to dust them off. Done this, remove the covering and wash them in warm water.

2. Inspect the air filter of your natural gas heater
This is the part of a gas heater which often goes unnoticed. Take care to replace the air filter at least once in two months. Even then, do not go for inexpensive, low-quality filters. Check the rating. Know that the higher the rating is, the more it would be able to prevent dust or dirt from getting into it. An unclean air filter blocks the flow of air leading to excessive use of gas.
3. Regularly vacuum the ducts

Clean the air ducts in your home using a vacuum. Try to reach as far as you can. Dirt, dead insects or other dirt gets into it and blocks the flow of air. This would block the flow of air forcing your heater to work harder to push it to your home.

The furnace, and the blower of your heater too require regular inspection and maintenance. Take care to calibrate your thermostat at regular intervals. Negligence here would render the unit unable to sense the temperature. The appliance would turn on your heater even when it is not required leading to an increase in your energy consumption.

4. Monitor your bill
A bill which goes high beyond your calculation may be indicating damaged or worn-out natural gas heater. If the appliance you have is in use for more than forty years, replace it. Inefficient heating systems can cost you a lot in your energy bill.
Ensuring safe operation

Know that when installing and operating natural gas heaters or other appliances, you should always abide by the instructions given in the product documentation. Do the following to ensure that you stay safe from danger when enjoying what natural gas heaters and other appliances have to offer?

1. Make sure that the area where the appliance is installed is properly ventilated. Remember, lack of sufficient fresh air may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Do not allow the temperature to go above 120 º Fahrenheit. Heat above this unit may lead to injuries due to burns. Let the user manual offered along with the product offer guidance in the matter.

3. Do not try to repair leaks on your own. If you suspect any sort of leakage, contact the professional as fast as possible. If it happens inside your home, open all doors and windows. Do not touch any electric appliance. Get to a safe distance and call a contractor.

Abide by the instructions; your natural gas heater would keep you warm during winter for a lifetime. Check latest models and prices at Heater Store TODAY!
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