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How to Fight for Gruul in WOW Heroic Blackrock with safewow wow gold hot sale

Posted Feb 1, 2015 by fifapal
How to Fight for Gruul in WOW Heroic Blackrock with safewow wow gold hot sale

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 1, 2015 -- Gruul, as the first boss in WOW Blackrock Foundry raid, is proper to test your raid position and strain your tanks. At the very beginning, you must know that the encounter against Gruul is a two-phase fight. And today, we’ll give you a detailed Gruul strategy based on these two phases.
Phase One: Gruul must be tanked, with numbers of abilities.
The first phase lasts roughly 70 seconds, when Gruul used a number of abilities against the raid. The following are his main abilities and relevant strategies. Certainly, you can also have a chance to get free wow gold on Safewow Facebook to support you before your adventure.
Ability 1: Inferno Slice, which Gruul uses every 10 seconds. This ability deals 286,875 physical damage and increase damage taken by subsequent Inferno Strikes by 20% per application. Besides, it deals 700,000 Fire damage to all other players in a cone in front of the boss.
Ability 2: Overwhelming Blows that Gruul regularly uses against his tank. It deals 247,500 physical damage to enemies within 10 yards, and also increases damage taken from Overwhelming blows by 10% per application.
Ability 3: Petrifying Slam and Shatter that Gruul uses regularly throughout the fight. It knocks players in a random direction and then petrifies them. And he shatters them with his mighty roar. Shatter deals 30,000 Nature damage to allies within 8 yards.
Ability 4: Overhead Smash that Gruul sometimes casts during Phase One to deal 178,500 Nature damage to all enemies in a line in front of the caster.
Strategy will be separated for 3 parts. The first part is to handle Inferno Slice and Overwhelming Blows, and the second one is about how to deal with Petrifying Slam. And the last one is to simple\y move out of the affected area to avoid Overhead Smash.
Gruul strategy in wow

For Inferno Slice and Overwhelming Blows apply debuffs to the tanks, you should split the raid into two large groups (located in melee range of the boss but quite far from one another) and have Gruul’s tank stand at least 10 yards away from any other raid members, including the other tank. Once Gruul casts Inferno Slice, the tank must move into one of two groups to split the damage. After that, the tank needs to move out of the group to prepare for the next Inferno Slice. The diagram on the right illustrates proper positioning.

Besides, when Petrifying Slam is cast, you have 3 seconds to spread out at least 8 yards apart. If all players succeed in doing this, the subsequent Shatter will deal no damage. If some players fail to spread out, they will take low damage from Shatter, but not die. But if there are large groups of players, then Shatter can be fatal. If you don’t want to take such risk, you can level up with wow power leveling safe and fast before stepping on.
Phase Two: Gruul is stationary, with a single ability against raid.

The second phase last around 30 seconds, when Gruul is stationary in the center of the room and cannot be tanked.
On this phase, Gruul will first cast Cave In to make rocks fall from the roof of the room. Players who hit by the rocks will be stunned and take 45,000 physical damage every second.
After that, Gruul, blinded with age, will cast Destructive Rampage, which causes the raid to take a low amount of Nature damage every 5 seconds for around 25 seconds. And then, he will spam Overhead Smash in a number of random directions.
The best way to avoid getting bit by any falling rocks is to identify the area where the first rocks will fall. Since each part of the floor is only hit once, you should move into the area where the first rock fall and you will be safe.
That’s all about the strategy to deal with Gruul in WOW Blackrock Foundry. There will be more WOW guides and cheap wow products on Safewow, like free WOW gold on facebook, and WOW mounts cheap etc. Good luck and have fun!
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