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How to be a game changer

Posted Mar 26, 2014 by tedmark
With the advance of technology and with people spending more and more time online, digital text is the future of Internet media.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 26, 2014 -- With the advance of technology and with people spending more and more time online, digital text is the future of Internet media. The world is ushering into a new era with furthering technological advancements. Physical magazines today may be gone within the next 5-10 years. And if you are a game changer you realize that magazines are moving online in a rapid succession. It’s hard to imagine a world where all of the information is stored digitally, yet as everyone presses closer smaller pieces are starting to fall into place. The idea of recycling and saving the green gets stronger day by day which is the reason why a gamechanger online magazine makes sense perfectly.

If anyone is interested in launching a game changer magazine, first there are goals that need to be set. What do you hope to accomplish from the launch? The end result is generally a large enough profit to peacefully live on but there has to be more. What are your true passions? In what activities do you derive most of your interest and curiosity? It can be difficult but sit down for 10 minutes and create a list of what you’d like to see happen as a result of launching your gamechanger magazine. Maybe you wish to simply quit your job and work for yourself.

But you might not be interested in money at all. Popularity and experience can go far in today’s world. Most popular entrepreneurs who run digital game changer magazines didn’t get started because they wanted to reap heavy profits. They started blogging under an idea to get their name out there and generate well-known interest to the public.

The most important thing is to determine a niche to write in. This isn’t always simple, though it may come easier for some. A niche is simply the topic which your magazine will be focused on. You may decide to write about fashion, digital trends, business, gaming, or quite literally any other topic, or all of them combined. A gamechanger magazine will have plenty of information from all sorts of fields so that everyone can enjoy reading, no matter what their preferences are.

The quintessential killer of most digital magazines is lack of content. Many will aspire to launch their site and run for 3 or 4 months before ultimately tiring of the process and giving up entirely. The amount of knowledge you already hold on the topic is irrelevant. With so much information available at just the click of a button even an hour’s time is plenty to research and grow your knowledge. The true defining factor is how passionate you are to research game changer topics and write about them.

But to be a true gamechanger you need to make sure you have a custom design created for your online magazine. However in the early days of a magazine launch it’s not essential to brand yourself. Keep ideas written down for what your ideal design would look like and if you can’t launch with it plan to get creative in a few months after you know this whole blogging thing is for you.

Do you want to be a game changer ? Then you should start looking into and reading a gamechanger magazine. A magazine about other people will give you all the information you should and want to know.
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Last Updated : Mar 26, 2014

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